As the evenings are starting to get dark earlier, it’s almost time for us to retreat indoors out of the elements. So, more people are looking at ways in which they can brighten up their homes with the latest autumn interior trends. And like the seasons themselves, interior trends come and go just as quickly, with some being more popular than others.

Whether you’re a spooky season lover or not, we all need to prepare for the changing of the seasons and the colder weather so why not embrace the autumn interior trends we’ll be seeing this year?

Here at OHS, we’ve identified 3 strong autumn interior trends for 2022 so let’s take a look and see how you can recreate them in your home on a budget!

3 Of The Most Popular Autumn Interior Design Trends

70s Shades

In terms of colour, homeowners are looking toward the deep and earthy tones which are reminiscent of 70s interior design. As such, this autumn interior trend is relaxed and fun! Opt for earthy browns, warm oranges and deep greens alongside low lighting to cast a comforting glow and create snuggly vibes on chilly evenings.

Should you have been following the shift towards green this year, you won’t be shocked to hear this information as its been dominating design trends over the past few years. Forest green is now considered a neutral here at OHS!
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Fringed Focus

Continuing along the 70s theme, the next autumn interior trend we’re lusting over is the resurrection of fringes. You don’t need to go crazy when it comes to including it in your home though, start by adding accents of fringing to your rugs, cushions and blankets, for example, then proceed however you please.

Should you want to achieve more of an elegant look in your space with this autumn interior trend, keep the fringing simple and to a minimum. To create a feature out of these home accessories as well as a decorative touch, try combining fringing with functional pieces, like mirrors!
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Tactile Textures

An autumn interior trend that will not only make your spaces more aesthetically pleasing this season but also help with your mental and physical well-being is using more natural materials. Aside from the trend showing up across soft furnishings, we’re also seeing texture in furniture and decorative home accessories too.

These materials help to create a space that is full of texture (which isn’t from manufactured materials) and allows for a more tranquil environment. We should all, therefore, be striving to incorporate this autumn interior trend after the stress and deprivation experienced in the past few years!
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