Here at OHS, we know the upcoming colder months will be rather daunting in terms of budgeting but do not fear! There are creative ways to save money and ultimately beat the bills by simply acquiring some efficient homewares and making a few small changes. So, this is what we’re going to share with you all in this blog...

Explore Creative Ways To Save Money This Winter!

Use an Electric Blanket


First on our list of creative ways to save money is to use a low-wattage electric blanket as, unlike a radiator, these don’t get very hot. This is because they’re designed to heat the human, not the home and therefore, you can keep warm without racking up a hefty bill each month!

Our under and over blankets have 3 heat settings and an auto-turn-off feature, so you don’t have to worry about falling asleep whilst it’s on.
OHS Heated Fleece Electric Blanket

Draught-Proof Your Windows

Another creative way to save money is to upgrade to thermal curtains and make sure they fit your windows. Not only do they act as a barrier between the cold elements outside and the warm air inside but they also serve to reduce the amount of heat that infiltrates windows in summer.

Believe it or not - this particular winter money-saving tip can help you to reduce heat loss in your home by up to 25%!
Pencil Pleat Thermal Blackout Curtains

Avoid Overfilling the Kettle

Money-saving experts recommend only filling your kettle with the amount of water you need rather than overfilling it when you’re making a hot drink. Bad at eyeballing it? Simply fill the mug or vessel with water and then pour it into the kettle!

An extra creative way to save money that’s kettle-related is to descale regularly. As if it’s got loads of limescale, to boil the same amount of water, you’ll use more energy.
Tower Scandi Rapid Boil Kettle 1.7L

Build an Energy-Efficient Wardrobe

Our fourth and final winter money-saving tip is to build an energy-efficient wardrobe for maximum warmth. Here at OHS, we have you covered when it comes to taking comfort to the next level.

Whether you’re trying to stay warm whilst working from home or during a movie night, you’re sure to find the perfect set in our loungewear collection. All of the pieces are made of super soft teddy fleece polyester that’ll keep you at a lush temperature.
OHS Teddy High Neck Collar Dress  OHS Faux Fur Strap Back Platform Slippers  OHS Teddy Fleece Cropped Half-Zip Hoodie

Found Our Guide on Creative Ways To Save Money Useful?

You’re now all set to beat the bills this winter! We hope this guide on creative ways to save money was helpful and if you’re looking for more guides, ideas and inspiration, check out our Home Edit blog!