The darker nights are quickly drawing in and, with the weather set to turn in just a matter of weeks, it’s time to think about how to make your living area more homely and cosy. Home soft furnishings are the perfect addition to your living area to take the chill out of the air and, at a time when more of us are thinking about the cost of heating our homes, can be done on any budget.

We all have different ideas as to what makes a house feel homely, but home soft furnishings are usually the one thing that we all turn to. Let’s take a look at 3 of the top home soft furnishings to make your living area more homely this autumn.

Add In Snug Throws

Whether you’re watching tv in the evening or reading a good book on a lazy Sunday morning, there's nothing better than making sure you’re snug and cosy whilst doing so! One of the quickest and easiest ways to make your living area more homely is to add home soft furnishings in the form of snuggly throw blankets.

There is more to the beauty of adding snug throws to your living area than just simply keeping warm. When these home soft furnishings aren’t being used for warmth and comfort, they can add to your living room decor by being draped over the end of the sofa. Or, they can be stored in a stylish wicker storage basket at the side of your sofa.

Here at OHS, we have a collection of stylish and budget-friendly throws and home soft furnishings to suit all decors, in a range of materials and designs.
Highams Acrylic Plain Fleece Throw

Dressed Windows

Choosing the right home soft furnishings and window dressings is important during the winter and autumn months. Around 18% of heat in the home is lost through your windows and, at a time when we’re all trying to retain the heat as much as possible, trying to reduce this heat loss is vital. Thick blackout curtains are a great home soft furnishing to invest in and can help to insulate the home.

As well as improving the warmth in the room, which helps to make the room more cosy and snug, these home soft furnishings can help improve the interior decor of the living room.

During the day, if it’s not too cold, keep curtains open to let as much natural light and any warmth in, then as soon as it starts to get darker in the evenings, you can close them to ensure any warmth generated in the day doesn’t escape. Updating your curtains is a quick and easy way to use home soft furnishings to make your living area more homely, warmer and cosier.
Dreamscene Pencil Pleat Thermal Blackout Curtains

Add Warmth Underfoot

As well as warmth lost through windows, our homes can also lose a large majority of heat through the flooring, especially if you have wooden or laminate flooring throughout your home and living areas. If you’re looking for a simple yet effective way to make your living area more homely, then the addition of home soft furnishings such as rugs will make a huge impact on your living space. Rugs can help take the chill off of cold hardwood or laminate floors and help to retain heat, making the space cosier.

When choosing home soft furnishings for the autumn and winter months, you want to choose a rug that has a high pile, meaning that it has a softer, thicker material as opposed to an open weave or jute rug. If you’ve not got the budget, then instead of looking for large rugs that cover a bigger area, consider layering smaller rugs in more strategic spaces, such as under coffee tables or sofas. These are typically where your feet will walk over or around the areas you’ll be relaxing, keeping the heat in - another smart way you can use home soft furnishings to keep warm and make your living area more homely.
Sienna Fluffy Rug

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Here at OHS, we have a wide range of home soft furnishings, from thick throws and blankets to rugs and blackout curtains. Shop our New In collection here. Our home soft furnishings are perfect if you’re on a budget, or are looking to add more style to your home.