There are many benefits that come from renting and if you are looking for a short term tenancy, such as if you’re heading to Uni or are relocating to a new city, often renting can be the best option. However, one of the undeniable disadvantages of renting is knowing how to decorate a rented bedroom.

Many rental properties don’t allow for permanent changes to be made during your tenancy and often, are decorated with plain white walls. Many rentals may not allow you to paint the walls during your tenancy, but there are some ways how to decorate a rented bedroom that means you don’t need to break your rental agreement. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the ways how to decorate a rented bedroom, with no paint involved.

Use Houseplants

Indoor houseplants can brighten up any room and when you’re restricted with how to decorate a rented bedroom, they can make all the difference. Not only are houseplants ideal for decor, but they also help to boost your overall health and well-being, such as improving your mood, lowering feelings of stress and anxiety and helping clean the air.

Plants are also good for introducing natural colours, textures and patterns to your home and there is such a huge range of houseplants that you can choose from, whether you want to add height or colour so that if you are looking for how to decorate a rented bedroom, using houseplants is one of the best ways to do so. If you’re not green-fingered or aren’t sure where to start with houseplants, take a look at our range of artificial houseplants for quick and easy decor additions to your rented bedroom.
Faux Dragon Palm In Retro Pot  Rubber Plant In Pot  Plastic Long Stem Felicity Bud

Add A Statement Rug

In a lot of rental homes, you’re often not able to change the flooring, meaning that you’re left with dull carpets or cheap wooden flooring. This can greatly impact your bedroom decor and style, but there are ways that you can upgrade and refresh your flooring, such as with the addition of a statement rug. If you’re looking for how to decorate a rented bedroom, then the addition of a statement rug can completely change the look and feel of your bedroom. Be sure to choose a statement rug that uses your favourite patterns and colours to display some of your personality, or that ties in with the decor choices of the rest of your bedroom.

When adding a statement rug, it’s important to take the size of your bedroom space and furniture into consideration. You should look to avoid the mistake of buying a rug that is too small, as this can make the proportions of your bedroom look disproportionate. If you’re unsure of what size rug to go for, always choose one that is of the larger size. Take a look at our range of statement rugs here.
Dreamscene Shapes Geometric Rug  Dreamscene Star Print Rug

Invest In Multifunctional Furniture

When you’re renting, it’s best to avoid buying expensive furniture that you may need to leave behind or purchasing pieces of furniture that might not fit in with your future homes. Instead, look to purchase multifunctional furniture pieces that can save space and money, helping you to transform your bedroom with different functions.

When you’re unsure of how to decorate a rented bedroom, your furniture choices can make a huge difference to the look of your bedroom and, if you’re short on space, multifunctional furniture can keep the room compact and free from clutter. Ottoman beds can double up to provide some much-needed storage space, whilst wardrobes with integrated drawers and shelving can keep clutter at bay.

Looking For More Inspiration On How To Decorate A Rented Bedroom?

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