Most of us have thought of how to sleep better in summer on a particularly hot night. Despite this, it’s easy to forget that the brighter mornings, busier social schedules and lighter evenings which we look forward to all year come with this disruptive downside.

Thankfully though, there’s no reason to succumb to short-term insomnia as we’ve got 6 simple tips for sleeping in hot weather - no matter how scorching it gets!


Let’s find out how to sleep better in summer

1. Block the sun and sounds

Our first tip for sleeping in hot weather is to make your bedroom as dark as you possibly can in the evening to create the illusion that it’s dark outside. This is so that your body signals that it’s time to sleep.

Blackout curtains are the most efficient option for keeping bedrooms cool in the summer and providing insulation once the temperatures inevitably drop.

Dreamscene Eyelet Blackout Curtains

2. Switch up your sheets

Another tip for how to sleep better in summer is to change your bedsheets to summer suitable fabrics such as cotton or linen. Natural fibres offer more breathability than synthetic fabrics, allowing for airflow between the sheets. So, what are you waiting for? Browse our 100% cotton bedding collection today!

And if that’s not enough for you to drift off, swap out your warmer duvet for our Brentfords Essentials Duvet in 4.5 Tog.
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3. Wash away the day

Bring your body temperature down before even stepping foot into your bedroom by taking a quick tepid shower to rinse away any sweat, SPF and any other lingering stickiness.

Sticking a wet flannel on your head is an extra little tip for sleeping in hot weather and you can get two of these as part of either our 6, 10 or 12-piece towel bales!
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4. Adjust your attire

Fourth up on our list of tips for sleeping in hot weather is to rethink your summer sleepwear. Like bedding, your pyjamas contribute highly to your bed’s microclimate so opt for fabrics that promote cooling.

Don’t want to break the bank on some new pyjama-friendly pieces? Have a peek at our loungewear collection.


5. Shift your sleeping position

Always sleep on your front or curled up in a ball? Try sleeping to the side or spreading out like starfish on your back to help release your body heat. Dangling your feet out from under the cover is also a good tip for sleeping in hot weather!

Should you be eager to test this tip for sleeping in hot weather, you may need to change your pillow first. At OHS, we offer medium support pillows that provide the perfect amount of support when sleeping on your side or back.
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6. Indulge in all of the ice

Ice and water will be your best friends with all of their uses to lower both your internal and external body temperature. For your inner, drink a little icy-cold water before bed and to chill down on the surface, position a tray of ice in front of fans so that when the ice melts, the air above the water becomes colder as well.

Finally, for how to sleep better in summer, try filling a hot water bottle with chilled water if you need to be even cooler!
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