Over the last few years, our relationship with outdoor spaces has never been more important and with summer finally here, we’re looking toward outdoor living room ideas to make sure we take full advantage.

Let’s find out how to create an outdoor living room

1. Be thoughtful when choosing furniture

To create the perfect outdoor living room, start by finding furniture that will allow your family and friends to enjoy the space, however you intend to use it. Whether it’s dining, relaxing, entertaining or a combination of all three.

Material, texture and colour are also key factors to consider. And just because outdoor furniture has the word ‘outdoor’ in it, doesn’t mean you can’t use it inside as well!

From rattan garden furniture sets to hanging egg chairs, here at OHS, we have something for every home with our collection of cheap outdoor furniture and accessories.
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2. Layer up furniture with soft furnishings

Textiles have the ability to transform an outdoor living room just as they would indoors, helping to make the space feel inviting. Soft furnishings are arguably more necessary outdoors, when it comes to comfort, as outdoor furniture tends to be made of sturdier materials to withstand the weather. So, don’t overlook them when decorating your outdoor living room!

Layer up sofas, chairs and benches with versatile pieces that you can switch up to fit the current trends or season. Browse our collection of cushions and throws here!
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3. Keep things cosy by adding a fire pit

A fire pit feature is a popular outdoor living room idea and for good reason - they are the ultimate centrepiece for gathering around when the sun goes down.

No matter how cold the evenings get, a warm fire makes your outdoor living room more useable throughout the year and offers the perfect excuse to get or keep everyone outside.

Think about choosing a fire pit with edges deep enough for people to put their feet up and drinks down so your fire pit is handy even when not in use!
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4. Use outdoor lighting to illuminate the space

Outdoor lighting plays an essential role in brightening up your outdoor living room and allowing it to function during the evenings.

In terms of placement, consider following the same mantra as you would indoors for lighting. This might include the lighting of the garden path, particular garden features and/or task lighting for specific activities.

Keep in mind that some methods of adding light are simpler than others so before you even start, decide whether you’re going to use solar lighting, electric lighting or a combination of both.Outsunny Woven Wicker Outdoor Solar Lantern  Outsunny 24 LED Solar Parasol Umbrella  Outsunny Hanging Electric Halogen Heater Light

5. Bring in artificial plants for a pop of colour

Artificial plants give an outdoor living room life by adding colour and texture whilst not attracting bees and other pollinators to the space. Setting them near doors or windows overlooking your garden can help to create a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor spaces.

If your outdoor living room is limited in space, add visual interest and make the area feel more spacious with a vertical wall garden!
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