Here at OHS, we’re pretty torn, with each side of the team having strong opinions on the cons and benefits of making your bed.  Some people do it subconsciously without even thinking, whilst others believe that it doesn’t make any difference to their day and it's a pointless activity, especially when it’s just going to be messed up again each night!

And although it's easy to resort to well-known excuses for the seemingly insignificant task, it's perhaps even easier to just make your bed each morning. A quick chop of the pillows and straightening of the sheets only takes a minute or two, plus then you get to reap the benefits of making your bed, too!

To settle the score and celebrate Make Your Bed Day, let’s take a look at the benefits of making your bed and why you should consider completing this quick chore.

Let’s find out more about the benefits of making your bed...

It leads to higher productivity

One of the biggest benefits of making your bed is that it can give you a feeling of accomplishment and prompt a positive can-do attitude for the rest of your day. This will then, more than likely, encourage you to do another task as a result, leading to better productivity overall. By the end of the day, that one mundane task will, hopefully, turn into most of your to-do list ticked off - what a fantastic benefit of making your bed!

It develops good habits

As soon as you have well and truly made of habit of making your bed, you might just find that other good habits follow since you've realised how it makes you feel. Thus, another benefit of making your bed is that not only will you acknowledge this sense of achievement, but also how quickly you can finish your tasks vs. the impact they make on both your mood and home. In no time, your good habits will spill over into your living room, kitchen and rest of your home.

It makes your bedroom look better instantly

For most people, their bed takes up the majority of space in their bedroom and naturally serves as a focal point for the eyes. So, even the most trendy and organised bedroom can look less tidy with an unmade bed. On the other hand, when the bed is made in a not so neat room, it helps the rest of the room look styled. There are many benefits of making your bed, but the fact it can instantly transform your bedroom is one of the best ones in our humble opinion!

It reduces stress levels

Have you ever heard of the phrase “tidy home, tidy mind”? Of course, you have, and for obvious reasons - it’s true! One of the benefits of making your bed is that you are starting to declutter your sanctuary and having a clear space can cause your stress levels to reduce. It's no wonder that this is the case either when most people spend roughly a third of their life in their bedrooms. It’s super difficult to feel calm and relaxed when you are surrounded by mess, so the benefit of making your bed every day is that you get to enjoy a more relaxing environment when trying to sleep.

It improves your sleep quality

Next up on our list of benefits of making your bed is that it may help you sleep better at night. Similar to a straightened bed signifying that it is time to start your day, a well-kept bed could be more pleasant to crawl into each evening as well. When you're well-rested, you'll also be less likely to snooze your alarm, so you actually have the time to make your bed each morning and enjoy the other benefits of making your bed.

It prevents embarrassment

Depending on who's visiting, or the layout of your home, guests are likely going to catch a quick glimpse of your bedroom when popping into the bathroom. And although you might not care as much as us, had you spent just a couple of minutes arranging your bed, your whole bedroom would look much tidier, which is our final benefit of making your bed!

Benefits of making your bed with OHS

Feeling a general lack of pride in your current bed setup, or want to make the most of the above-mentioned benefits of making your bed? We think that Make Your Bed Day is the perfect excuse to treat yourself to a new duvet cover set, cushions or a snug blanket from OHS.

By creating a sumptuous sanctuary with OHS products, you'll have the ultimate incentive to make an ongoing habit of smoothing out your bed and reap all the benefits of making your bed.