While our personal lives are in serious need of refreshing in 2020, our homes deserve the same kind of attention and what better time than now to invest some time into decorating and trend surfing. Our homes are currently a place were spending a lot of our time and nothing beats a home that helps you feel connected and comforted in a time of uncertainty.

Infusing your spaces with what’s on trend can be a difficult task, but don’t worry we’ve got you covered.  When it comes to new season fashion trends, we see new emerging trends that tempt us to update our homes and ask the decorator to come back (again) but new trends don’t mean we need to change our décor entirely it just means that we can add some well needed details, colour and texture to our existing home interior to keep it on trend and fresh.


#TRENDING - Refined Glamour



We’re still talking 50 shades of grey, but this time we’re talking about those 50 shades of grey that complete the perfect living room or bedroom décor. Pink and grey is still the obvious favourite across all interior trends and has taken the interior industry by storm with its modern simplicity that creates the perfect girly, cosy space for any room in the house.

To add some refined glamour into your existing room, think about painting one or more walls a faded grey or dusky pink colour, introduce velvet soft furnishings, throws and bedding and also think about bringing in some marble accessories to add a touch of glam.

Key colours: Blush Pink, Grey, Mirrored, Glass, White. 

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#TRENDING – Soft Tropics


This summer loving trend is the perfect balance when it comes to bringing the outside inside in the right way. Adding some leafy green hues and mustard tones to your room can create a softer décor without going too botanical. This trend allows you to add a less imposing tropical theme to any room that’s desperate for a splash of colour.

Key colours: White, Mustard, Leaf green, Blue and Pink.

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#TRENDING – Luxe Revival


It’s all about the vintage glamour with Luxe revival. This trend is best described as decadent and is for those who love a bold piece of furniture that’s the talking point of any room. Fabric choice is important when thinking about Luxe. By choosing strong fabrics and colours it brings back those art deco vibes and statement pieces that never age.

Add some luxe glamour into your home by choosing an art deco statement light or mirror. Think about velvet and fringing and don’t forget to add that all important splash of gold.

Key colours: Dusty rose, Gold, Blue and Teal.

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#TRENDING – Honest Comforts


Layering up cushions, throws, knits and home comforts is a hugely loved trend for 2020. By adding more of those important details, you can make any space feel instantly inviting and comforting. This approach is perfect for A/W trends in 2020 and yet is still light enough to see your home fashionably dressed through S/S. Sticking to those neutral colours is the key to this trend. Adding a mix of the colours in the room adds dimension and connection within the space.

Add more scatter cushions and soft furnishings to your room to keep up with this trend. Stick to a more organic colour palette to ensure a homely vibe.

Key colours: Cream, White, Grey, Gold, Brown. 

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#TRENDING – Neutral Simplicity


Keep it simple with this trend. Neutral simplicity is the perfect transitional trend. By adding it in Spring it’ll carry you through to Winter seamlessly and is effortlessly classic. Neutral rooms allow you movement when it comes to adding different colours in the future.

This is an evolved trend of 2019 from the Nordic retreat and the purpose is to create a calm, comfy space to relax in, which is perfect for 2020.

By creating an inviting, safe space to rest and regenerate this can help you massively with building an uplifting space to retreat to from the outside world. Trade in those bold and bright themes for a stripped back, considered vibe.

 Key colours: Cream, Beige, Oatmeal, Grey, Charcoal. 


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 Lauren Hickey - Thursday 11th June 2020