Moving away from home and need some uni room inspo to help give your new room that homely feel? We’ve got you 100% covered with our tips and tricks to help you settle into your new home!


So anyone who’s been to uni, is getting ready to move into uni halls or has even visited them knows the deal when it comes to uni rooms. They’re small (most of the time) and they lack the storage you might need for all those online orders (oops). No matter what, the best thing about your new uni room is it’s officially your little personal space that you can decorate how you like and make your own. We’re here to help you create the perfect personalised space that you can work in, chill in and sleep in, without worrying about storage and space issues.


 Clothing space

Uni rooms are often known for a lack of wardrobe space and if (like us) you have way too many clothes, shoes and bags, wardrobe rails and shelving units are the perfect idea to create more space. They also add cute vibes to your room to help it feel more personal to you. Wardrobe rails are becoming a popular option for room and are back on trend. Instagram lovers will know how popular these are with bloggers and influencers! Our top tip here is to get some shelving units for shoes and bags only, this way you'll be able to easily find that perfect freshers outfit.


Room divider

Adding a shelving unit or something that creates another area within your room is the best way to maximise on space and helps the room feel more multi functional. When it comes to doing uni work and chilling watching Netflix, it's always better to seperate these areas in your uni room this will allow yourself to feel more focused and organised no matter what task you're doing. Our top tip here is to divide the room with something that doesn't block it off to much, but provides an open space that still allows the room to feel connected.


Savvy furniture

When it comes to bedroom furniture we all know how much we can spend attempting (poorly) to build our flatpack bedside table. Save yourself the time and the money by choosing the cheaper option of shelving units that you can easilly move around your room. Picking a trolley style bedside table can work in any section of your room. They're a perfect space saver and act as a great way to keep your things organised and tidy.


Living art wall

Adding picture, magazine cutting or posters to your wall is the perfect way to bring your memories to life when you're away and missing family and friends. Adding personal and art to your wall is a great way of giving your room that homely feel. We would recommed having your pictures printed with 'FreePrints' who offer printing services straight from your camera roll! Our top tip here is to add some fairy lights to your art wall, this will bring the wall to light and fairy lights are the perfect addition to any room, they add warmth, depth and colour to areas that need it the most.


Cosy details

Cosy soft furnishings are the perfect way to ensure your uni room feels like the perfect home from home. Add some cosy new bedding and pile on the scatter cusions and throws for the perfect comforting feel. Our top tip is to add a pop of colour in your room this way. For example if you were thinking of going for all white bedding, switch and change the colour of your pillows and throws to pink or mustard to keep your room on trend and fresh.


Cute entertainment


When we first move into our uni rooms, it can feel like a bare shell. Instead of seeing these bare walls as an issue, see them as an oppurtunity! Invest in a mini projector and link up your Netflix through your laptop. Home cinema? sorted. Our top tip here is to use this as an excuse to get close to your new flat mates. Invite them round for movie night, grab some popcorn and get to know eachother!


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Lauren Hickey - Friday 10th July 2020