With the wintry months fast approaching and the Christmas decorations soon appearing, we need to prepare our homes for the exciting seasonal change. However, decorating for winter does not mean a complete refurb. By swapping out only a few soft furnishings in each room, you can avoid breaking the bank when decorating for winter.

Whether you want to go crazy with the festivities when decorating for winter or prefer to simply get snuggly, we’ve got you covered! Here at OHS, we’ve carefully selected a few ideas to cosy up the different rooms in your home, based on the ultimate wintry characters and themes.

Get Your Spaces Into the Seasonal Spirit by
Decorating for Winter!

The Snow Queen Chamber

Whilst decorating for winter, we tend to focus on comfort and forget style but by carefully selecting the right products, you can actually do both! A classic crisp white bedding set is the perfect base layer to create an elegant boudoir fit for a queen.

Then, of course, a queen needs to keep warm all through the night so here is where you can introduce layers, building from the base up! Adding extra pillows to the bed is especially essential when decorating for winter as there’ll be plenty of nights you just want to watch a festive film in bed. Have a browse of our cushion cover collection to find the perfect match although we advise opting for silvery grey shades to achieve this particular look.
Highams 100% Cotton Plain Duvet Set  Highams Boucle Tassel Throw  Sienna Metallic Geo Cushion Covers

The Love Actually Living Room

When the dark evenings greet us you find that love actually is: getting snuggly on the sofa.

Throws are an indispensable accessory for adding depth and cosiness to any sofa. There’s no such thing as too many, you can layer them over the arms of the sofa or drape them over the back, which not only provides an invitation for sheer comfort but also adds an element of luxury. 

As the nighttime draws in earlier throughout the wintry months, we need light, warm light when decorating for winter. And whilst energy bills are at an all-time high, we can still achieve a cosy and glowing living room without breaking the bank. Let me re-introduce you to our dear old friend, the candle! This comforting combination will create the ideal setting for romance to spark or families to re-connect…
Highams Mohair Throw  Dreamscene Chunky Knit Sherpa Throw  Swizzels 18oz Jar Candle

The Grinch Guest Room

The Grinch did say “maybe Christmas doesn't come from a store. Maybe Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more” however, decorating for winter does, in fact, come from a store!

The Grinch himself doesn’t have the most desirable abode, since he lives in a cave, but nobody does seasonal decor quite like the people of Whoville. This idea is for those of you who enjoy going a little OTT when it comes to decorating for winter and preparing for festive guests.

Reds and greens are the main colours to opt for to achieve this Dr Suess-inspired aesthetic. We recommend picking up a mid-tone green duvet set then adding depth with darker green cushions and putting a red festive throw at the end of the bed as the cherry on top!
Brentfords Plain Duvet Cover Set  Sienna Matte Velvet Cushion Covers  Dreamscene Stag Snow Print Sherpa Throw  

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