Ever wondered how your favourite Instagram home influencers style their beds to look super luxurious, cosy and Instagrammable all at the same time? With the perfect number of plump cushions, hotel-chic bedsheets, and an impeccably placed throw?

OHS has teamed up with four leading homefluencers to create a step-by-step checklist of the ultimate hacks for an Instagram-worthy bed.

The six simple tricks below will elevate your bed from bland to beautiful in no time...

Step 1: Choose a neutral colour scheme

A neutral colour scheme will instantly give your bedroom an elegant hotel vibe. Blush, grey and white are popular colours amongst homefluencers.

"I love a plain, usually white or neutral colour such a cream duvet cover, I find that really gives a luxury ‘hotel-style' feel to the bedding"@thealexandersnest

Bed styled by Instagram influencer using OHS products

Step 2: It's all about the bedframe

As the centrepiece, the bed needs to add a touch of luxury to the room and be able to adapt to the style changes throughout the seasons. Choose an upholstered bedframe flush to the floor and a button-tufted headboard and cream, grey or black.

Step 3: Dress your duvets

Start off with a mattress protector to add depth and a feeling of luxury and then add a plain duvet cover set to really emphasise a fresh, clean look. For a plumper, fuller feel, use two duvets in your duvet cover and let the duvet drape over the mattress and bed frame. For a thinner duvet or if you just use sheets, then tuck in under the mattress for an ultra-crisp look. Fold back the top.

"Use a thick duvet set sat over the edges of the bed with the front folded over - the cushions you add later should go up to the fold. If you have a thinner duvet or sheet then tuck under the mattress - I tuck both sides and then the bottom to give it a crisper edge" – @homeofcc

Bed styled by Instagram influencer using OHS products

Step 4: Add your cushions

For a double bed or bigger, add two sets of standard pillows laid flat and then create a pyramid-like structure with your scatter cushions. Start with the three largest at the back, then two smaller ones and finish with an oblong cushion in the middle.

"Always use larger cushions at the back, smaller at the front. I like to use the same neutral tones, but always different textures. I tend to chop my cushions; I always use a feather filled insert to do this as it works best"@charls_home_interior

Step 5: Style with a draped throw

Drape a throw over one corner of the bed for a stylish, cosy look. Go for a neutral colour in keeping with the colour scheme but pick a throw with an interesting texture such as a fine or chunky knit, teddy faux fur, fluffy faux fur or velvet to create depth.

"Lie a throw flat or ruffled in-between the edge of the pillows and the end of the bed or drape it over the edge" – @bronyfelin

Bed styled by Instagram influencer using OHS products

Step 6: Finish off the look with accessories

Add some accessories to finish off your instabed. These can include a tray kitted out with your favourite Mrs Hinch book, a nice smelling candle, a vase of colourful flowers on the bedside table and possibly a pet!

"Finally, I add accessories! I usually add pretty bedside table accessories such as flowers. If it’s autumn, I use fabric pumpkins to add an extra autumnal cosy touch" – @thealexandersnest

Check out our tutorial on how to create a DIY pumpkin out of a mop head here.


Extra tips to consider

1. Remove any clutter from the area to keep the bedroom feeling roomy and relaxing

2. Mix textures of the bedding, throws and pillows to create depth but maintain neutral tones

3. Add a rug beside your bed to create a cosy atmosphere

4. If you have a soft velvet bed, run your hand over the velvet in one direction to make the velvet a consistent and super smooth texture

Once armed with this ‘formula’ for the perfect Instabed, a gorgeous Instagrammable style can be achieved on a budget with bedding, throws, cushions and more from OHS. Get the Instabed look for just £45 for a double*.


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