What do you get when your combine two of our most popular products? The NEW wearable weighted blanket from our OHS collection! Yes, that’s right, our classic hoodie blanket has been given 11 hidden pockets in the sherpa lining to add removable weights. This means that, unlike our weighted blankets which are at set weights, you can customise the hoodie to be completely personal to you.

So, without further ado, let’s discover the newest product to hit the site in more detail and the benefits it can provide. Don’t blame us if you want to gift it to all of your loved ones for Christmas this year by the end of this blog…

Our New Wearable Weighted Blanket

Uses Deep Pressure Touch Stimulation Therapy

The OHS wearable weighted blanket has been created with all of the calming effects of an ordinary weighted blanket which uses revolutionary “deep pressure touch stimulation” therapy. This is known for releasing a sense of serenity and the grounding effect can be particularly helpful for reducing a quickened heart rate, shortness of breath, and hyperactivity caused by an overactive nervous system. None of which aid relaxation! Also, the pressure of a wearable weighted blanket will not only reduce cortisol, the stress hormone, but it will raise oxytocin levels, oxytocin is the feel-good hormone…
OHS Weighted Hoodie Blanket    OHS Weighted Hoodie Blanket

Contains Removeable Weights & Hidden Pockets

Full of certified, non-toxic hypo-allergenic micro glass beads, the removable weights as part of our wearable weighted blanket distribute weight evenly across the neck, shoulders and upper back. The discreet strategically placed pockets allow you to customise the product to your individual liking up to a total weight of 2.3kg when using all 11. Since there aren’t any pockets along the arms, you can remain fully functional as well. Crafted for optimum ease, this is a durable, one-step care garment, simply remove the weights and wash at 30 degrees as you would any other of our ultra-cosy hoodie blankets!
OHS Weighted Hoodie Blanket  OHS Weighted Hoodie Blanket

Classic Oversized Hoodie Blanket Style

Perfect for those cosy nights in, working from home during the colder months or even nipping out of the house, the new wearable weighted blanket has adopted our classic oversized hoodie blanket style. Featuring a soft touch outer fabric and luxurious sherpa lining, both shades of the item have expertly matched elastic cuffs and the oversized design of the wearable weighted blanket means that one size fits all! The lined double-opening front pocket provides increased comfort like the hood whilst also letting you store snacks, the remote or other relaxation essentials.

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