Half term is the perfect time to tackle the task of making over your kid’s room. Although it can seem daunting at first, creating a space for your little one to play, sleep and grow can and should be a fun experience for all.

Looking for a little advice? We’ve got you covered! Whether you’re starting from scratch or updating their existing bedroom, you’re guaranteed to find a tonne of inspiration below…

1. Add a splash of paint

Paint is one of the more affordable means to transform your kid’s room but have a good think before you go ahead and simply use your little one’s favourite hue all over the walls. What is the mood you want to create? Calm and cosy? Lively and vibrant?

Should you be feeling creative, why not try a simple mural as a playful feature? Also, paint is a fabulous tool for marking areas as zones whether that’s encouraging homework time with a study zone, establishing a play area or carving out a relaxing space for sleep.

If you don’t have the time to paint the whole room and/or have a smaller budget, you can introduce colour whilst creating a focal point by painting a dado-height band from the floor up.

2. Consider the future

Want your little one’s room to last the test of time? Less tends to be more when it comes to kids’ room, and by keeping the decor simple and furnishings to a minimum, you’ll leave more space to play now and add a desk later, plus you’ll provide a neutral canvas that can be easily updated as your child grows.

Although we don’t advise your kid’s room to be too childish, there should always be something they’ve chosen so they are excited about the new room. Consider either incorporating colour through accessories or playing around with pattern and texture, the often-neglected stepsisters of colour.

For kid’s bedding, we’re obsessed with this 2-in-1 reversible duvet cover set from the Dreamscene Junior range in natural and cream. The face shows fun galaxy stars and the reverse side features a nighttime star pattern. If this warm neutral shade doesn’t quite take your fancy, you can also pick this set up in a silver grey and white star print with a charcoal reverse.

To accessorise, pop the silver grey printed Dreamscene super-soft coral fleece blanket on the end of the bed. It boasts a block star print design which adds a decorative feel to any room whilst the reversible white sherpa fleece helps keep your kids exceptionally warm on those chilly nights. This throw is available in blush as well should you want to opt for a pop of pink.

Dreamscene Stars Junior/Cot Duvet Set, Cream from £9 £6

Dreamscene Stars Junior/Cot Duvet Set

Dreamscene Star Sherpa Throw, Grey - 150 x 180cm from £14.99 £12

Dreamscene Star Sherpa Throw

3. Create a den or nook

We all need somewhere to retreat and recharge from time to time so how about making a private den or nook for your youngster? The effect on the final room rewards you with so much more than the effort it takes (e.g. encouraging them to curl up with a good book) and it’s also one of those rare decorating projects that you can get kids involved in.

Check out the cosy corner created by @lifeatnumber_.10 on our Instagram, it has everything they need to spend a rainy day indoors either by themselves or with a friend/family member. There’s even room for cuddles on the creme de la creme of the setup, the Sienna faux fur sheepskin rug in white.

Sienna Faux Fur Sheepskin Rug, White - 60 x 90cm from £13 £9

Sienna Faux Fur Sheepskin Rug

4. Double up on storage

Kiddy winks come with a lot of stuff, from toys to games and books to an ever-evolving wardrobe. To help you enclose the clutter, install wall hooks and shelves, choose furniture with built-in storage, and use under-the-bed storage boxes.

Compact and foldable, keep their room tidy with our plain storage boxes which can be used to store any of their loose items. These lightweight storage solutions are a great way to achieve a clean look and due to the cube design, they can be used under beds, wardrobes and in most cube shelving units. You can grab them in both grey and pink or with a dalmatian or stars print.

OHS Plain Cube Storage Boxes, Grey - 2 Pack from £7.99

OHS Plain Cube Storage Boxes

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