How to: DIY Glamping Experience under £150

Since international travel has been limited to just a few ‘green list’ countries, the majority of Brits are opting for a UK summer holiday. Not only does this mean no self-isolating before or afterward but a UK break also comes with the security of a lower chance of cancellation. Wondering where to vacation in England this Summer? Check out our ‘Top 5 Family-Friendly UK Holiday Ideas’ blog post for inspiration. 

Not 100% percent sure if you want a UK holiday or simply want to save a bit of money, why not set up a little staycation of your own? We know that the demand for many glamping and luxury camping accommodation spots in particular currently exceeds availability, leaving UK holidaymakers to take matters into their own hands. That is why we have come up with an alternative solution. A DIY glamping experience for under £150!

As we are experts in styling homes for less, we were certain that it was possible to style a glamping set-up on a lower budget. Whether it be in the comfort of your own garden or on an actual campsite, we think you can transform an outdoor space into a luxurious retreat using OHS products and other items which can be reused for future staycations.

To see if creating a DIY glamping experience under £150 was really possible, we challenged three UK-based interior influencers to do exactly that! As we already knew that a lot of our customers would likely already have a few basic essentials for camping, (tent, sleeping bag, etc), we allowed our influencers to incorporate existing items they may have outside of the £150 budget. 

Keep reading to see what glamping set-ups our influencers created in their gardens and get some major inspiration!


The Flamingo Festi Fun

Sad to be missing out on the festivals you had lined up this year? Well, fear not, Grace from @our.kent.home has shown us how to fabricate a flamingo-themed festival experience that will make your garden THE place to be this summer. “We can all have a special time at home, in our gardens, at the park, anywhere you want. You can all create a beautiful, glamorous and cosy spot to enjoy with your special people”.


“I have really enjoyed being part of this amazing DIY glamping experience, hubby and the kids were so impressed with the end result...they (OHS) have the most gorgeous products at very affordable prices” - Our Kent Home


To replicate this for your family and/or friends, pick up light summery coloured throws and pillows, especially those which have funky patterns on and pom poms attached (like our Dreamscene Chunky Knit Throw), to give your guests all of the bohemian vibes! For the finishing touches, use fun tropical-themed props, and don’t forget to stir up some tasty cocktails to sip on whilst you soak up the sun...


Shop the Look:

Sienna Fluffy Throw in Blush Pink, 150 x 200cm (£12.00)


Dreamscene Large Chunky Knit Pom Pom Throw in Silver Grey (£19.00)


Highams Mohair Throw in Blush Pink (£13.00)


Sienna Fluffy Rug in Silver Grey, 80 x 150cm (£9.00)


2 x Sienna Faux Fur Sheepskin Rug in White (£18.00)

Forclaz Tent (£49.99)

Pom Pom Cushions from B&M (£14.00)

Iridescent Slim Bulb String Lights from B&M (£8.00)

Solar Flame Table Lamp from B&M (£3.00)

Total = £145.99


The Pretty in Pink Paradise

Krissy, who goes by @perfectpinkhouse on the gram, of course, opted for an all-pink theme for her glamping set-up and boy are we in love! “If you are wanting to set a beautiful area up for your children or a sleepover when the weather is beautiful...this is cheap enough to do”. For a sleepover, we suggest splurging more of your budget on a tent like Krissy.

“I really enjoyed the challenge...My daughter absolutely loved this, I had her friends round and made them marshmallows on the little throwaway BBQ”

Feeling inspired? You can produce your very own pink paradise by simply picking up pink items in all different tones and textures. Anyone who is already a customer of ours will know that we offer most products in our signature shade of blush pink so you definitely won’t be short of choice! 

Should pink not be your colour of choice, try this set-up using products all in your favourite colour to create a monochromatic hideout that feels more you. Into astrology? Check out our ‘Your Zodiac Sign, Your Interior Decor’ blog post to find out your sign’s colour power and how to use it...


Shop the Look:

Sienna Crushed Velvet Set of 4 Cushions in Blush Pink (£7.00)


Sienna Fluffy Throw in Blush Pink, 150 x 200cm (£12.00)


Brentfords Quilted Weighted Blanket in Blush Pink, 125 x 180cm (£21.00)

Tent from eBay (£65.00)

Beanbag from Home Bargains (£12.99)

Lanterns from Home Bargains (£5.98)

Cushions from Home Bargains (£9.98)

Bunting from Home Bargains (£0.99)

Lights from Home Bargains (£6.99)

Total = £141.93


The Enchanted Children's Party

The lovely Selin from @projecthouseandgarden stepped up and smashed our challenge, taking the opportunity to make a COVID-friendly fantastical glamping experience for her daughter’s birthday. “She had a sneak preview today and absolutely loved it with her brother. They were very excited to get in the tent and play”. What do you think? We’re obsessed with how this turned out!

“The possibilities are endless and I really enjoyed creating this set-up...I could have easily bought all the colour variations for these beautiful rugs and throws from @onlinehomeshopuk. Such good quality and so reasonable too!”

To recreate this look, use neutral coloured pieces as the foundation for different areas around the garden and then go wild with multi-coloured decor, such as buntings and balloons. Opting for pieces in these more versatile shades means that when you reuse them, you can simply switch up the additional decor each time to suit the occasion or theme. For a children’s party, simply re-purpose and incorporate their existing toys and bedroom decor!


Shop the Look:

Dreamscene Chunky Knit Pom Pom Throw in Silver Grey (£19.00)


Sienna Faux Fur Sheepskin Rug in White, 60 x 90cm (£9.00)

Sienna Fluffy Rug in Silver Grey, 120 x 170cm (£19.00)

Teepee Tent from Amazon (£36.88)

LED Outdoor Lights from Amazon (£30.98)

Bunting and balloons from Amazon (£12.99)

Picnic Blanket from Aldi (£7.99)

Roses from Aldi (£3.58)

Total = £139.42

Helpful Hints & Quick Tips is the cheat sheet we gave to our influencers with some things you might forget...

  • Hanng solar-powered lights and pretty bunting on the interior and/or exterior of your tent to transform your setup into a dreamy glamping grotto 
  • Switch out the sleeping bag for your own duvet and scatter some decorative pillows for maximum comfort levels
  • Use a cute tablecloth or throw alongside mason jars, as wine glasses, to achieve an alfresco dining experience 
  • Whip up a variety of traditional camping snacks like s’mores 
  • Plan glamping-friendly activities. Either set up a laptop and grab throw blankets to create an outdoor cinema, or have a game night with your family’s/friend’s favourite card and board games
  • Channel festival vibes by chilling out around the firepit (and under the stars) with blankets whilst playing tunes on a portable speaker

If you want to take on the challenge or just use any of our products during your summer break (even if it’s just to your garden), don’t forget to add #StylewithOHS when sharing on socials so that we can see and share! Happy glamping folks…


*Prices may vary