March is officially the start of Spring in 2023 and although we’re all partial to an annual clean around this time of year, here at OHS, we encourage you to declutter as well for longer-lasting results. Once the next family meal has been made in the kitchen or the kids cover the living room with their favourite toys, all the Spring-cleaning hard work usually becomes undone otherwise.

Decluttering a whole house can seem like an extremely overwhelming task at first glance but should you approach it bit by bit, invest in some fantastic storage solutions and be creative with your decluttering ideas, the task and your home itself will become more manageable. You might even have some fun during the process too!

If you’re looking for inspiration, read on to uncover 7 essential decluttering ideas as well as declutter storage ideas that’ll help to get you sorted this season!

Let’s find out more about decluttering ideas for the home…

5-minute makeover

One of the key decluttering ideas, particularly if you’re new to it, is to make your declutter seem less intimidating by starting with 5 minutes at a time and slowly building momentum. Before you know it, your home will be transformed!

Giveaway each day

Why not give away an item you don’t want every day? Over a year it racks up to 365 unwanted items a day. A fabulous decluttering idea if we do say so ourselves as, after all, your trash will be someone else’s treasure!

Don’t hang about

Unsure on what clothes to get rid of? A decluttering idea to help identify them is to simply hang all your clothes with hangers in the reverse direction. After wearing an item, face the hanger in the correct direction. Discard the clothes you didn't reach for after a few months.

Phone a friend

One of the more fun decluttering ideas on our list is to have a friend or family member go through your home and suggest a handful of big items to throw away or give to someone else. If you defend the item and want to keep it, your friend has to agree with your reason. If they don’t agree, it’s time to get rid of it!


A simple but often overlooked decluttering idea. It’s a lot easier to complete this task when you have a visual representation of where you need to get started.

View at first glance

It’s easy to become immune to what your home looks like and “forget” what it may look like to a new visitor. So, another decluttering idea is to enter your home as if you’re visiting the home of a friend then write down your first impression of how organised the home is to make improvements after.

Before vs After

Our seventh decluttering idea is to choose one part of your home, like your bookshelf or a cabinet, and take a photo of a small area then quickly clean off the items in the photo and take an after photo. Once you see how your home could look, it becomes easier to start decluttering more of your home. We get recommended to do it with weight loss transformation pics so why not do it with our homes?

Make room in your home

We all know that there are areas or certain rooms in our houses that we avoid or overlook for whatever reason. Here are some further decluttering ideas for the more daunting corners of the home…

Outdoor space

With the warmer weather (hopefully) on the horizon, a great place to start decluttering is any outdoor space you may have as they can sometimes be taken for granted, becoming a bit of a dumping ground for random belongings. Some decluttering ideas for the garden are kid’s toys, dying plants, broken plant pots, old patio furniture and discoloured chair cushions. Take a well-overdue trip to the tip and get rid!

The Kitchen

Arguably the messiest room in every home so consequently the hardest to declutter. The decluttering idea we'd recommend for your kitchen would be to completely empty each space and assess every item. Start with your main storage spaces first, such as the pantry and upper cabinets. Then move onto the lower cabinets, drawers and underneath the sink. Finally, concentrate on your countertops, moving as many items off there and into storage areas.


Our closets can usually be unsettling when it comes to decluttering, whether it be because outfits hold memories for us or even, we’re hoping to squeeze back into clothes we no longer fit into.

With this in mind, it might be less intimidating to start small first. An amazing decluttering idea is to begin by organising shoes and accessories and then working your way up to clothes to give your wardrobe the new lease of life it deserves!
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Declutter Storage Ideas

Running low on declutter storage ideas and solutions? Compact and foldable, keep your rooms tidy with our plain storage boxes. They can be used to store loose items and are the perfect way to achieve a clean finished look. Plus, due to their cube design, they can be used under beds and in most cube shelving units.

We're also obsessed with the teddy fleece storage baskets from our range that are again great for organising and tidying. The lightweight design and handles mean you're able to move your items around easily and securely!
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