Having guests around to stay can make the best of us a little nervous. There are so many things to consider; how clean is the house? Do we have spare toiletries in the bathroom? What food do we have in? What kind of food do we have in? How will we entertain said guest? And while all these questions and concerns are running through your head, it’s easy to forget the most important thing of all: the guest bedroom!

This is the central aspect of having anyone stay around in your home. Your guest bedroom should reflect the way you want others to feel in your space and in your company. Regardless the length of their stay, friends and family should feel at home, comfortable, and considered in your home.

Now, while I can’t do a run to the shops for you and pick up a spare toothbrush, some snazzy snacks and a bottle of wine, I can give you some valuable tips for creating a stylish and comfy guest room and point you in the right direction to get these bits and pieces while staying within your budget.


Comfortable Bedding

First and foremost, we must consider bedding. The pivotal aspect of any overnight experience, bedding must be a top priority if we want to ensure a night to rave about. Starting at the bottom, lets consider the mattress. Of course, a nice, plush mattress is imperative as this will really set the stage for a wonderful night’s sleep. We must then think about the duvet and your choice of bedding. I recommend a 7-tog duvet for guest bedrooms, as this thermal rating falls in the middle of the range and provides some flexibility all year around. Dress your duvet in a set that compliments your rooms décor and provides guests with a soft and encompassing feel when they slip into bed. Finally, it’s a good idea to incorporate some throws and throw pillows onto the bed to create a warm, textured, and inviting feel right upon guests entering the space. These extra little details line the room with love and express thoughtful consideration for your guests and their experience.


Neutral Décor

When deciding what style of interior you would like to inspire your room, remember who and what your guest bedroom is for. While the occupant may vary, it’s important that all your guests feel like they’re in a space that they belong in. The goal is to provide a space that caters to a wide range of preferences, ensuring that guests feel comfortable and welcomed. Opting for neutral colours such as soft whites, muted greys, or calming beiges not only contributes to a timeless aesthetic but also promotes a tranquil atmosphere conducive to relaxation. These understated tones serve as a versatile backdrop, allowing guests to project their own preferences onto the space. Using neutral tones contributes to a blank canvas than guests can ease into and consider a home away from home. Despite this, I do like to throw in a little nod to my own style of décor, be that a little pop of colour or a quirky piece of décor. I personally love to contrast neutral décor with some deep reds or blues, as this offsets the neutral colour palette fabulously and creates interesting focal points. Discover a range of gorgeous neutral bedding, décor and storage with OHS that are perfect for creating this style of guest room.


Storage Space

I very much suggest you consider what storage in available in your guest bedroom. I know for myself, storage is something that I’m always trying to upgrade and improve in the spaces I use often, but this is also important in guest rooms so that your visitors feel their needs have been considered. A well-equipped space for your guests should include a dresser and wardrobe with hangers, allowing visitors to neatly unpack and organise their belongings. Although a small thing, this gesture acknowledges the importance of personal space, granting guests the freedom to settle in and create their own comfortable nook within the room. By providing ample and well-organised storage, you contribute to the overall sense of hospitality and make your guests' stay more enjoyable and stress-free.

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Window Treatments

Thoughtful window treatments in a guest bedroom contribute significantly to the overall comfort and versatility of the space. As we’ve discussed, we want guests to feel at home in your space, and adequate curtains or blinds can really contribute to this. I recommend installing blackout curtains or blinds so that guests have control over the amount of natural light filtering into the room. This is especially beneficial for those who may have different preferences when it comes to sleeping conditions. Whether your guests prefer to wake up to the gentle morning light or enjoy a pitch-black environment for a restful night's sleep, blackout curtains provide the flexibility to cater to individual needs.

Personal Touches

Once you’ve got the room set up to impress, a few personal decor accessories for creating an inviting atmosphere where guests feel valued. Simple yet thoughtful details like flowers, scented candles, and a little personalised welcome note can elevate your space from just a bedroom to a relaxing retreat. Alongside sensory delights like flowers and candles, you might even want to include a little basket of essentials that elevates your rooms practicality. I recommend you include toiletries, extra towels, tissues, and perhaps even a few snacks or bottled water. This anticipates and meets the needs of your guests without them having to ask, and just overall contributes to a room that goes beyond mere functionality and embodies a genuine desire to provide a comfy and memorable stay. Similarly, there is something to be said about considering the other little things that your guests may need, including the Wi-Fi information and phone chargers.

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And finally, I like to do a quick look over my guest room before I have anyone stay so that I know everything is up to scratch. Occasionally inspecting and replacing items such as light bulbs and batteries in remote controls is a proactive measure to guarantee that all amenities are working. A well-lit and properly powered room not only adds to the comfort of your guests but also just reflects good house-keeping! In addition to these minor details, keeping the room consistently clean and well-kept is paramount. Paying attention to details, such as checking for wear and tear on furniture or addressing any maintenance issues, demonstrates a dedication to providing a high-quality guest experience for your friends and family. Ultimately, by prioritising maintenance, you create a guest bedroom that not only looks inviting but functions flawlessly, leaving a lasting positive impression on your visitors.

To wrap up, I would say that crafting the perfect guest bedroom requires a blend of comfort, functionality, and thoughtful attention to detail. Each element of how you create your space, from choice in neutral décor to providing ample storage, contributes to a warm environment that is suited to different preferences, making your room perfect for any guest. From the moment your guests enter the room, you want the atmosphere and amenities to convey a sense of hospitality and consideration. By considering those little extra details, you are not only providing your company with a comfortable retreat, but also fostering positive memories. Regardless of whether your guests are visiting for a short stay or an extended visit our Get Ready for Guests range designed to make sure you can create a guest room that feels like a home away from home. So, take the time to create a space that reflects your hospitality and attention to detail, and you will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on guests!