Many of us look back at the 90s with rose-tinted nostalgia glasses - we miss the fashion, the music and the TV! However, unfortunately, a lot of 90s home trends are regarded with cringe and embarrassment. Despite the inflatable furniture and bordered wallpaper, there are many 90s home trends which are coming back into fashion nowadays. There are many ways you can take inspiration from the 90s while making your home modern chic - here are all the best 90s home trends that we still love at OHS!

Neon Signs

Neon signs are a fantastic way to brighten up a space and add a retro pop of colour. They were one of the biggest 90s home trends in terms of lighting. Eye-catching and vibrant, neon signs make an amazing option in terms of creating a focal point and making a room look more interesting. They can also be styled in a lot of different ways, meaning they can be moved around the home as needed and used as part of any room.
Glow Hello Neon Light  Glow Heart Neon Light

Arched Windows

One of the best 90s home trends has to be the arched window. They allow for a lot of light to enter the natural space and create texture and add dimension to the room. If you still have an arched window you had installed in the 90s, don’t get rid of it! This is one of the few 90s home trends that has remained incredibly chic and stylish. Accentuate your arched window with some voile curtains, to draw attention to it in the room whilst also allowing natural light to pass through.
Sienna Amelia Lurex Voile Net Curtains Eyelet  Sienna Latina Diamante Voile Net Curtains Eyelet

Botanical Decor

90s home trends drew from hippie and bohemian influences, meaning the outdoor world had a massive impact on the decor style. Plants became incredibly popular, especially in the kitchen and bathroom areas. Even today, having house plants and turning your home into a mini botanical garden is incredibly trendy. However, many people chose artificial plants, meaning they became a massive 90s home trend.

Canopy Beds

Canopy beds became one of the biggest 90s home trends towards the end of the decade. Almost everyone went into the noughties with a canopy bed- whether they preferred a canopy with light material or heavy material. Live out your royal fantasy and bring a bit of the 90s back with a canopy bed today!

Wooden Furniture

90s home trends drew on boho and hippie influences - so alongside the plants, the natural look was heavily fashionable. Classic wooden furniture such as dressing tables and bedside tables can add a bit of classic flair to your home. Adding wooden open shelving or wooden cabinets to your kitchen can also give your home a bit of boho minimalist flair.
Harmony Pair Of Wall Mounted Bedside Tables  Panama 4 Piece Bedroom Furniture Set