Get Ahead on your Garden: Practical Tips for Spring Gardening and Outdoor Decoration

A pivotal point of the year is just around the corner, when we officially denounce winter and welcome in spring, a pre-curser to everyone's favourite time of year: when it's time to spend a few hours in the garden. As the days grow longer and the weather gradually warms and swells, my excitement tends to manifest in my garden. Each year, I feel as though the more work I put into my outdoor space, the more joy I can expect to get out of it once that blissful period of the year starts – albeit an unpredictable one in the UK. In this helpful guide we are going to outline some practical gardening tips and cost-effective outdoor decoration ideas that you can employ this spring for an attractive and practical summer garden.


Practical Tips to Grow your Garden

My garden is a small one, and so I cannot claim to be the utmost authority on its conservation, but one important thing that I’ve learned tending to my little plot is to start early. As with all good things, a good garden takes time to come to fruition. Firstly, I would recommend accessing the condition of your soil, as it may have lost quality during the colder months; clean away debris gathering during winter, amend it with organic matter, and apply mulch to establish a foundation for healthy plant growth.

Once you’ve sorted your soil, the next obvious step is selecting which plants you would like to incorporate. This is when its important to consider the factors such as your local climate, how much sunlight exposure you are lucky enough to have, and what size of plants will suit your garden. I tend to opt for varieties that thrive in the region and complement each other both aesthetically and practically. Companion Planting is the method of planting mutually beneficial plants alongside each other that strike a natural balance which can aid pollination and control the number of potential pests. This organic method ultimately means less work, less money spent on maintenance, fewer pests, and more comprehensive growth. Other cost-effective methods of staving off unwanted pests, such as aphids and leafminers, are homemade sprays and physical barriers. For an early start to the growing season, a useful trick I’ve discovered recently is starting seeds indoors. This allows you to nurture young plants until they are grown enough to be repotted outside.

Once planted, of course watering will be a key element in promoting your plant’s healthy growth. While ideally, I would love to invest in a drip irrigation system, that isn’t really on the books at the moment. That being said, I find that hand-watering can be just as effective if done on a schedule and not forgotten about (something I am still working on!). Note how often your plants require water, as some will need a lot more than others. Regular maintenance, including weeding, pruning, and fertilising, will keep your garden looking its best throughout the season, come rain or shine. This is often reflected on a strenuous part of gardening, but it is actually one of my favourite aspects! Keeping the space in tip-top condition keeps me motivated and excited for summer.


Cost-Effective Decoration Ideas

Elevating your outdoor space really doesn’t have to break the bank. With a nudge in the right direction, a bit of creativity, and a little resourcefulness, you can achieve a stunning and refined garden with your budget intact. I recommend you start by exploring our comprehensive and cost-effective Garden category, where you’ll find a wide range of outdoor furniture, water-resistant cushion covers, bench cushions, gorgeous throws, outdoor rugs, and much more, all of which promise on quality and style.

I recommend customising your space and adding a few personal touches with some fun DIY projects. This is a great place to get your partner or kids involved if you have them. Whether it’s creating homemade planters, crafting unique garden art, or repurposing household items for outdoor accents, there is no shortage to fun ways to express some creativity and make your space truly your own. On the topic of homemade planters, I recently upcycled a selection of tires and large ceramic bowls, which now proudly house my brand new pansies viola hybrids and iris germanica! Thrifting is another excellent way to find affordable treasures for your outdoor space. Explore charity and second-hand shops, as well as local online marketplaces, for hidden gems that’ll add charm and character to your garden.

Lastly, illuminate your garden with budget-friendly lighting solutions. This is the next phase of my garden that I’ll be working on next, and I look forward to seeing my outdoor space lit up and alive once the sun drops in the summer evenings. There are a host of options for creating an inviting and warm ambiance via your lighting, such as solar-powered lights, creative DIY lanterns, and string fairy lights that can be sprung up around your fence. This will drench your garden in a golden glow, ideal for evening gatherings and alfresco dining spent with friends or family.

Getting ahead on your garden this spring is all about planning, clever preparation, and a little creativity. I hope you’ve discovered a few practical gardening tips and budget-friendly decorative ideas that'll help you create a beautiful garden that reflects your personal taste and brings even more joy to the season. As you embark on your gardening project this year, we invite you to explore our range of garden-ready furniture and furnishings, designed to elevate your outdoor space at low-cost prices. Transform your garden into a tranquil and pretty escape, perfect just for you to enjoy some alone time, or a fabulous space for friends and family this sunny-season.

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