In the fast-paced world that we live in, it can be extremely challenging to maintain a well organised and clutter free space. In fact, it can feel next to impossible sometimes. I find, however, that keeping mind of these things does wonders for everyday life, and there are many useful solutions to help keep your bits and pieces in check. I like to think of the home like this; a body that houses our lives, made up of old socks, and hats we don’t wear, and suitcases stuffed with off-season coats. And with any healthy body, we must keep on top of things so that we’re getting the most out of it. I tend to do this in my home with some clever and unimposing storage solutions that suit any lifestyle and type of home.

As you will likely know, regardless of whether you live alone or have a house crawling with kids, there is really no such thing as too much storage. I find that I always have something else to stash, constantly coming down with another little trinket that I’ve received as a gift, or a piece of clothing that I just had to get my hands on. With little storage built into my home, I’ve had to get creative with some inexpensive and quality storage solutions which has freed up a lot of my space for enhanced organisation and an uncluttered home.

One area that tends to fall victim to disarray, in my experience, is the wardrobe. If you find yourself battling a chaotic closet every morning (who hasn’t been there?), it’s time to implement some smart solutions to help you achieve a more streamlined and efficient routine of storing your clothes, both inside and outside of your wardrobe. This will save you time in the morning when getting dressed and generally help you start the day off on a better note. Here are some fabulous ideas that have helped me;


First things first; declutter now and declutter regularly

The first step towards an organised wardrobe is a good clothing cleanse, and when better to do it than the start of the new year? Every few months I like to pull everything out and access what I still like and what items I find myself going off. This is great for freeing up space, and also means you get to donate or sell any items that you aren’t in love with or haven’t worn in ages. I find that doing this also reminds me of what clothing I have and I tend to get much more use out of items that I otherwise might have forgotten all about! Maybe even make an afternoon of it and get your friends involved. Sometimes we like to do this together and swap pieces with each other! It can also be a good idea to have a designated area in your wardrobe or bedroom for items which you no longer need. This makes it easier to keep up with your decluttering routine and means you can easily identity which items you want to donate and sell. 


Invest in Quality Hangers

One of my favourite things I’ve recently done with my wardrobe is utilising felt hangers. I’ve upgraded mine to sturdy, non-slip options for a few reasons. Firstly, they feature an extra slim design with a lower bar for added storage, so are great for saving space. These hangers are also flocked, making them safe for all delicate fabrics and preventing clothing from falling off. The matching hangers also provide a really cohesive look and make your closet much more visually appealing than when stuffed with mismatching hangers of all shapes and sizes.


Rotate Seasonal Items with Storage Boxes

A very clever solution for an effective and well organised room is rotating your wardrobe with the seasons. To avoid overcrowding your closet, I can’t recommend this useful trick enough. Once the winter chills cease, why have 5 different bulky coats taken up the majority of your wardrobe space? Store your off-season clothing in vacuum-sealed bags and keep them safe until you need them again in storage boxes, which can then be hidden away under your bed or on top of your wardrobe.

Clear storage boxes have been a life-saver for me these last few months. For items like hats and scarves, odd accessories, any off-season bits and pieces really, storage boxes have come in super handy and have definitely streamlined my dressing routine as well as saved me a tonne of space! Transparent contains allow you to see their contents immediately, eliminating the needs to rummage through boxes in search of specific items, saving you time as well.

Categorise your Clothing

I find that segregating your clothing as it sits in your wardrobe can be great for both organisation and achieving a tidy, clean look. Organising your stuff in this way makes it easier to locate specific items and helps you both get dressed in the morning as well as plan outfits at night! There are a few different ways you can categories your items, including by clothing type, colour, and the season or time of the year. I like to do it by colour, as this really helps me when choosing outfits and knowing what will go well together. Invest in clever closet dividers or separate sections in order to create designated spaces for different categories.


Maximize Vertical Space

It is important to utilise your wardrobe’s strengths, including its vertical space which can be done by installing shelves or stacking bins. I keep stacking bins inside mine to make sure I’m getting all I can out of this space, and these are a great place for keeping underwear and outdoor accessories. I like to use the top shelf of my wardrobe for items that I don’t tend to use frequently, like bigger bags and luggage, or accessories I use only on special occasions. I would also recommend storing your laundry basket in your wardrobe if you've got the room. Having these additional options inside the wardrobe prevents clutter from accumulating on the closet floor and provides additional storage for a neat and tidy wardrobe. 

Fold Strategically

One thing that I have been telling myself for so long, and have recently forced myself to implement, is that not everything needs to be hung! While it can be easy to simply grab a hanger and throw a garment on it, there are lots of items which can, and should, be folded, both to save space and to preserve its quality. Most trousers, jeans, and t-shirts should be folded, as well as bulky sweaters and knits, which will maintain their shape better if folded. Use drawer dividers to keep folded items neat and easily accessible. Recently, I have started rolling my items over folding to maximise the space in my closet. This is also a useful tip if you want to avoid ironing all the time! I have recently discovered foldable ottomans, a fantastic solution for storing folden garments outside of the wardrobe.

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