What better way to kick off the official start of warmer weather next month than by hosting a summer bbq party? So, pick a date, gather your guest list and follow our top bbq tips below to impress your attendees and ensure it’s a massive success!

BBQ Tips
: How To Impress Your Party Guests

Give your grill a glow-up

Not whacked out the barbie since your last summer bbq party? Try to give your grill a glow-up well ahead of the season by thoroughly cleaning and restoring it. Failing this, heat up the grill slightly to help remove any stubborn remains should you be reading this post a little later in the year.

If your current BBQ is beyond saving, pick up a new one to guarantee that your summer bbq party be a success!

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Prep your food prior

Second up on our list of bbq tips is to prepare your food as much as possible prior to your guests arriving. It’ll make a world of a difference in terms of you enjoying yourself, especially considering a summer bbq party involves cooking on-demand with an audience. You wouldn’t want your loved ones to arrive whilst you’re still marinating your meats, assembling skewers or chopping veg, would you?

Fill the fridge with drinks

As part of your summer bbq party prep, stock up your fridge with ice, alcohol and non-alcoholic drink options, and don’t forget to pop them into a cooler or bucket nearer the time. It’s generally recommended to assume a 1.5 alcoholic drink per hour per guest ratio but you know your attendees best.

Last but not least, make certain to leave a bottle opener and a selection of suitable glassware nearby as well so everyone can help themselves!

Set up suitable seating

Providing ample seats for everyone who RSVP’ed to your summer bbq party is bound to be somewhat of a challenge but don’t be shy of breaking out beach and camping chairs if necessary. It’s worth asking your neighbours if they can bring over a couple of their garden chairs too should they have gained themselves an invite.

To jazz up any lacklustre seating, try draping a throw blanket over the back for additional comfort and to keep your company cosy as the night goes on. A few cushions scattered around will also invite people to make themselves comfortable wherever!

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Put together a party playlist

To help set the atmosphere at your summer bbq party, put together a playlist with a good mix of tunes that you can play all night long. It’d again help here to invite your neighbours so as to avoid them putting up a fuss from the noise!

Aim to include upbeat tracks for the most part and eventually transition into more relaxed tunes for when the party dies down later on.

Brighten up the backyard

It’s going to get dark outside so to add to the ambience when the sun goes down, use decorative lights, lanterns and candles to illuminate the main area of your summer bbq party. Depending on what you use, you may be able to keep them up throughout the season and give yourself one less thing to do for your next summer bbq party!

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Organise outdoor games

The last of our bbq tips is to give your attendees something to do besides sipping on drinks and socialising whilst you grill up the goods. We advise organising a variety of low-key outdoor games for them to participate in at their leisure and to keep the kids occupied. It can be the best solution for that afternoon slump after they’ve eaten too much as well!