Curtains are an obvious choice for window treatments - they are versatile, visually appealing and extremely practical. But, we understand that knowing how to choose curtains for your home can be a big task.

Here at OHS, we have a great selection of curtains in different colours, patterns and materials that can be used in any room in your home, which makes it difficult if one is wondering how to choose curtains! When chosen correctly, they can totally transform the mood of any room.

Finding the right curtains for your home can be difficult when you have so many options. In our latest Online Home Shop blog, we go through some simple tips on how to choose curtains for your living space, so let’s get started!

A Guide On How To Choose The Right Curtains

How To Choose From Pole or Track Curtains?

Before you get drawn in by the pattern or material, it is best to decide first how you want to hang your new curtains. When looking at how to choose curtains, your main decision is between pole or track curtains and functionality is virtually the same for both designs.

The difference between a pole and a track curtain is that a pole is visible when the curtain fabric is hooked or the pole is slid through, such as with our Eyelet Blackout Curtains. The great thing about pole curtains is that they are more decorative and can have accessories such as finials which can add to the overall aesthetic of the window area, which can be a deciding factor when looking at how to choose curtains.

Track curtains are less decorative as they use clip-on gliders and tape to hide the track. This allows the curtain to drape without any catching or interference. Due to them being on a track, it is much easier to cut and are also more flexible, making them perfect for bay windows. So, if you are wondering how to choose curtains that are right for your home, it is best to think about how you want to decorate the room, as this will help you to decide whether you want finials.
Dreamscene Blackout Eyelet Curtains

How To Choose Curtain Headings

A curtain heading is the top piece of the curtain which is attached to the curtain track or rod. The style of heading that you choose can dramatically change the overall look of your curtains, which will then influence the type of rod or track that you can use. When you’re looking at how to choose curtains, this should be something that you consider.

This means that if you want a heavy curtain, there will more than likely be a different heading to a pair that is light and thin, such as our Voile and Net Curtains. It can be difficult to think about how to choose curtain headings, so it's best to see what type of curtain you would prefer. Just remember, the thicker they are the more heat they keep in through the winter months.

If you are wanting a more traditional look, then pencil pleat curtains are a go-to choice for many generations. This is a type of curtain that has very prominent folds and looks great in older style home. If you were wanting to choose a curtain that is a little more modern, then eyelet curtains are a great call if you’re not sure how to choose curtains.

This type of heading is designed purely for a pole, so this could also make your decision for you. The curtains themselves are characterised by their metal eyed holes along the header. Eyelet curtains produce a soft and loose hang that looks great in modern homes. So when deciding how to choose curtain headings, decide if you want traditional or modern and stick with that for the rest of your design.
Sienna Crushed Velvet Voile Eyelet Curtains

How To Choose Curtains In The Right Colour

It can be tempting going for your favourite colour or the boldest colour when it comes to choosing curtains, but ask yourself this; do they go with your other room colours and decor? If you are struggling with how to choose curtain colours, opting for matching colours or complementary colours and patterns will bring a uniform aesthetic to any room.

Another way of looking at how to choose curtain colours in a practical way is to have a think as to whether you want a lot of light to pass through, or minimal light to filter in. The lighter coloured curtains will let more light in, but will also make the room look larger. If one goes for a dark curtain, the light will be absorbed but will also make the room look smaller.
Sienna Crushed Velvet Band Eyelet Curtains

How To Choose Curtain Fabric?

Curtains come in all sorts of beautiful fabrics. All there is to do is hang material near the window and you have a pair of curtains. With this said, it's best to get some curtains where you don’t have to do any work. Like we said with choosing the colour when it comes to knowing how to choose curtains that are right for your home, the material chosen will determine the amount of light emitted into the room.

If you choose a beautiful silk curtain, this will make the room look very luxurious, but due to them being very thin, they will let light in and the curtains may get sun damage over time. If you were wondering how to choose curtains fabric that looks luxurious but doesn't allow light in, velvet is a great choice. Take inspiration from the decor in the rest of the room and choose curtains that complement your overall style.

We hope you now know a little more about how to choose curtains for your living space. Now you know exactly how to choose curtains for every room in your home, browse our curtain collections here. Remember, the lighter the colour or material, the more natural light will be emitted!
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