Fancy a revamp of your home? There are many ways in which you can update your home to be in line with the latest winter interior design trends. We all want our home to be as comfy and stylish as we can make it, and giving your home a bit of a re-styling can have many benefits.

Paying close attention to the newest winter interior design trends and making little changes to your home can really improve your mood and make you happier with your interior space. If you work from home, slightly changing your surroundings can actually help with motivation and concentration. Adding small changes to your home by taking inspiration from winter interior design trends can also make your home feel cosier and snug.

However, it’s often difficult to know which ideas are actually popular, and which ones will pass in a week or so. In our latest blog, we have researched the most influential winter interior design trends which you can start bringing into your home this season.

Here are some of the most popular winter interior design trends that you can consider when revamping your home environment.

The Most Popular Winter Interior Design Trends

70’s Revival

70’s style interior design has made a massive comeback recently. The relaxed style and earthy tones have captivated homeware enthusiasts. It’s free-spirited and fun and reflects the optimism of the 70s as a decade. It is not surprising that this has made a massive comeback after the pandemic, and is one of the most popular winter interior design trends this year.

If you want to incorporate this winter interior design trend into your home, try getting animal print furniture, shag rugs, velvet fabrics and geometric designs. Houseplants and natural materials such as cork and rattan also fit right in with the 1970s aesthetic.

Minimalist Look

If you’re not a fan of eclectic and busy patterns, this is one of the best winter interior design trends for you. Categorised by warm neutrals and simple accent pieces, this is a great design trend if you want to promote peace and calmness within your home.

This trend works best by decluttering your home and making your spaces as free as possible. However, vases, mirrors and frames in simple, neutral designs are a great way to add texture to your space without compromising minimalism.

Creative Tiling

If you’re happy to do a bit of extra work, this might be one of the most rewarding winter interior design trends for you. Bright and creative tiling is back in fashion (did it ever really go out of style?)

Moroccan-style tiling on your walls or retro floor tiles could be a great way to jazz up your space. If you don’t want to pay someone to install this, there are many tutorials online that tell you how you can do your own D.I.Y. If you’re thinking of installing this winter interior design trend, think carefully about the colours you use for your tile, and how it will tie in with the rest of your space.

Classicism Returned

The antiquated, vintage look is definitely on the rise. Mixing classic design with modern winter interior design trends can be an amazing way to revamp your home this season. Class never goes out of style.

Adding white ornaments, paintings and vintage light fixtures to your home can be a great way to incorporate a bit of classicism into your space. Thrifting is a great way to get many items-which is sustainable as well as classy! This way following winter interior design trends can be good for the environment as well as your home.

Au Natural

Incorporating a bit of surrounding nature into your home can be a great way to improve your mood. We all need to spend time outdoors for our mental health, and making your interior spaces reflect the beautiful outdoors can breathe life into your living spaces. This will be one of the biggest winter interior design trends, as the weather is colder and we’ve spent a lot of time indoors.

Wood furniture mixed with plenty of houseplants and earthy tones can be a great way to bring this style into your home. Thinking carefully about the positioning of your furniture can also help you to recreate this winter interior design trend- making your space look bigger can emphasise the effectiveness of this home look.

These are predicted to be some of the most popular winter interior design trends this season- start incorporating inspiration from these trends into your home to freshen up your interiors. Keep an eye here on OHS for the freshest furniture picks to keep up with the winter interior design trends.