Who says small spaces can’t be stylish? A bathroom doesn’t have to be big in order to be functional and look great and, when it comes to small bathroom spaces, this simply means that when it comes to small bathroom accessories, you’ve got a fun challenge at hand!

One thing that small bathrooms have in common is that they are often quite compact, particularly when it comes to storage. As it’s also a high-traffic area in the home, this means that it often becomes laden with laundry, half-used beauty products and general day-to-day clutter.

This means that when choosing small bathroom accessories, you want to select things that not only look good, but don’t take up too much room and, as a bonus, can be functional too! With that in mind, let’s take a look at some small bathroom accessories to style compact spaces!

Colourful Additions

When it comes to bathrooms, often just a splash of colour is enough if you’re looking to add some accessories to the space. Small bathroom accessories can often take up valuable space and countertop room so, instead, consider adding in some colourful bathroom towels and hanging from door hooks or fold-over radiators. Pair with our collection of super soft bath mats to finish off the look- these small bathroom accessories are perfect if you have limited space!
Brentfords Towel Bale 10 Piece  Brentfords Microfibre Noodle Bath Mat

Quality Lighting

With small, compact bathrooms, good quality lighting is a must. Changing your bathroom lighting is a relatively small task, but one that has huge benefits. Aim to provide adequate lighting in each corner with spotlights, which are perfect for brightening up dark bathroom corners. Relatively inexpensive, this small change can make all the difference when making a small bathroom look bigger and brighter and is the perfect small bathroom accessory!

Sensible Storage Options

Utilising any and all available space is a must when it comes to compact bathrooms and if you’re considering adding small bathroom accessories to the space, then you need to ensure that first, the area is free of any clutter that could make the room look too busy. If you already have storage in your bathroom, consider re-arranging products in cupboards and drawers to create more space to conceal bottles, toiletries and cleaning products.

If you are lacking in bathroom storage space, then before adding some small bathroom accessories, such as soap dispensers or tumblers, use creative storage solutions to free up space. For example, mirrors that double up as shelving, or thin, tall units for towels and toiletries make great additions to a small space.
OHS Teddy Fleece Storage Basket

Spa Inspiration

If you love a visit to the spa and want to emulate the relaxing feel in your bathroom, then you can still do this if you have a compact bathroom with the right small bathroom accessories. The right additions can totally transform your bathroom into a spa-like haven for you to enjoy. If you’re looking for a relaxing spa-like scent, check out our collection of candles and home scents to add to your bathroom.

If you’re looking for other small bathroom accessories, instead of plastic soap dispensers and shampoo bottles around your bathroom, consider decanting these products into sleek amber glass bottles and adding some vinyl labels. If you have the floor space, look at putting a small wooden stool next to your bath or shower and adding some rolled-up bathroom towels, in a collection of different sizes. For the perfect finishing touch, shop our bathrobes for the ultimate spa feel!
Yankee Candle Home Inspiration Large Jar  Brentfords 100% Cotton Towelling Dressing Gown

Still Looking For Small Bathroom Accessories?

If you’re still looking for the perfect small bathroom accessories, then we have a fantastic selection of homewares for you to choose from, from artificial plants to storage solutions. For more bathroom inspiration, check out our blog!