Minimalism has been a long-popular interior decor choice for different areas around the home, particularly in the bedroom, with many different minimalist modern bedroom ideas to consider. But, it’s easy to let life get ahead of you and, soon, your bedroom decor can fall victim to clutter and be miles away from the relaxing, minimalist haven you once created.

Remember, you spend around a third of your week asleep, so you want to ensure that your bedroom is the perfect sleeping environment, plus it doesn’t hurt when it looks and feels good, too!

Luckily, it doesn’t take much to restore your bedroom to be the functional and stylish room it once was. All you need is some decluttering tips and minimalist modern bedroom ideas to get the interior design inspiration flowing. Let’s take a look at some minimalist modern bedroom ideas for you to incorporate into your decor.

Easy Minimalist Modern Bedroom Ideas

Stick To A Neutral Colour Scheme

Forget colourful patterned wallpaper and bright paint colours, when it comes to minimalist modern bedroom ideas, the focus is mostly on neutral colours. Muted shared of white, grey and cream tend to be the most common, but you could also choose soft sages or pale blues. Pattern and texture are encouraged but within decor items and soft furnishings in complementary shades and colours.

Choosing a neutral colour scheme helps to keep the bedroom looking and feeling light, spacious and airy, which will act as a natural deterrent if you’re considering adding bulky furniture pieces and prevent the accumulation of clutter. The addition of a neutral-toned rug on the floor, particularly if you have large spaces between furniture, will also help with this. Shop our OHS rugs here.
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Add Your Personality To The Room

When it comes to minimalist modern bedroom ideas, you may be tempted to remove any splashes or features of your personality, but don’t be! If you have a neutral white colour scheme, then the addition of a few pops of colour, whether in the form of fun artwork prints or colourful bedroom accessories, can transform the space from traditional minimalism to modern minimalism in no time. After all, this is your bedroom space so don’t be afraid of showing off your fun personality!
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Less Is More

We all know the saying that “less is more” but this is especially true when it comes to minimalist modern bedroom ideas. Often, the biggest culprit when it comes to feeling unsatisfied with your bedroom decor is the accumulation of clutter. It can make a room feel and look messy, plus it can also impact your quality of sleep and overall mood.

Look to incorporate a less is more approach when it comes to creating a minimalist modern bedroom, whether this is with simple, plain dye bedding instead of loud, colourful sheets and numerous scatter pillows or investing more into your storage solutions to hide any necessary clutter you may need in the room. Keep things as simple as possible to create a calming and modern, minimalist bedroom.
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Choose Low Furniture

If you’re looking for minimalist modern bedroom ideas because you’re completely redecorating your bedroom, then one of the easiest ways to incorporate the tone within your bedroom is through the use of low, close-to-the-floor furniture. The more space you can free up, the better when it comes to minimalist modern bedroom ideas, so look to choose furniture that sits on the floor or is just a few inches above.

If you’re looking for more interior design inspiration, be sure to check out our OHS Home Edit blog that’s full of the latest trends, tips and inspiration for your home.