When it comes to getting to sleep, often the darker your bedroom the better. This is because light disrupts the brain’s production of melatonin, which is the hormone responsible for regulating your sleeping cycle. But, what happens if your bedroom is dark during the daytime? If you’re wondering how to decorate a dark bedroom and are looking for the best way to lighten a room that doesn’t get much natural light, let’s take a look at some top tips.

Tips For How To Decorate A Dark Bedroom

Bring In Extra Light

Although it might seem obvious, if there is not enough natural light in your room and you’re trying to figure out how best to decorate a dark bedroom, then why not consider making the most of any natural light that you do get? Consider placing a mirror on the opposite side of the window to reflect natural light across the darker area of the bedroom, but avoid placing it in direct sunlight to avoid damage.

As well as natural light, if you are looking for ideas on how to decorate a dark bedroom then you could also use a layered lighting approach, which uses at least two different light sources. These could be bedside table lamps, feature floor lamps or novelty lights for children’s bedrooms. Consider using soft light bulbs in any light feature to create a cosier environment, which can often be lacking when you’re wondering how to decorate a dark bedroom - often the focus is on making the bedroom as bright as possible!
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Be Clever With Wall Colours

When you're looking for ideas or inspiration on how to decorate a dark bedroom and you’re considering repainting, then you might think that white walls are the best approach. But, whilst light colours can help a bedroom appear bigger, they can’t make a room feel brighter. White and other soft, light tones can reflect light, but there first needs to be enough light to reflect. If using these colours in a dark bedroom, then they can take on a grey or shadowed hue which leaves your room looking dull.

Instead, when it comes to how to decorate a dark bedroom, go for mid-tone colours such as deep green, blue, grey or even a luxurious purple as, when you are looking for how to decorate a dark bedroom, this bright colour will lose some of its shine, making it appear less intense. Deeper colours don’t rely on reflected light to look their best.

Use Sheer Window Coverings

A dark or dim bedroom isn’t suited to heavy or dark curtains or blinds as they will simply block out any excess light which might otherwise reach the room. Instead, use sheer curtains, such as our voile and net curtains, to let natural light flow in over blinds, which can be used for privacy in the evening. When you’re looking for how to decorate a dark bedroom, you might not consider window coverings until you’ve finished redecorating, but they are an important option to consider and can make all the difference to the appearance of your bedroom.
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Use Bedding and Accessories For Contrast

When you’re looking for how to decorate a dark bedroom, then your furniture and accessories can make your bedroom feel and appear dark and gloomy if you don’t make the right decisions. If you redecorate the bedroom and use mid-tones or bright colours, then consider adding contrast with light-coloured furniture and finish off this brightening effect with accessories and bedding sets in white, or another light colour. This will then make the most of the bedroom’s limited light and provides contrast around the room.
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