Dogs are referred to as man’s best friends so there’s absolutely nothing with treating them once in a while like you would your human bestie! Not only will the below ideas be easy on your wallet, but most will also be super fun for both parties and make your irreplaceable bond that much stronger. Luckily, what our dogs value most is something money can’t buy - attention and love from their owner!

Budget-Friendly Ways To Pamper Your Pooch

Run Them a Sudsy Bath

We all know that a lot of dogs hate bathtime but for those that don’t, a warm sudsy bath will be appreciated! Don’t just scrub them, clean them like you normally would after a long muddy walk, making small firm circles with your fingertips, similar to a massage - it’ll be super relaxing.

Speed up drying time with the help of our microfibre dog towel which is made from a light, soft, quick-dry microfibre. And to take it one step further, attach a treat mat to the side of the bath or the tiles on the wall for them to get at during their pamper.
Brentfords Microfibre Pet Towel  Brentfords Microfibre Noodle Bath Mat

Picnic in the Park

Take your dog to their favourite park for a picnic, just the two of you. The pup will get their socialising in, and have the chance to explore without being hurried along as well as spend time with their bestie (you).

Make sure you pack or even bake some dog-friendly treats and have a picnic blanket to lay everything out on. This one can easily be folded away in a bag and features a water-resistant backing to protect you from wet grass or sand.
Dreamscene Foldable Picnic Blanket

Walk a Different Route

To lift your pooch’s spirit whilst spending no money at all, try taking them on a new route for their daily walk. As humans, it’s hard to appreciate that new sights and smells can go a long way for our furry friends.

Pick up a dog hoodie blanket for an extra special treat so they’re super cosy during those colder months. Don’t forget to keep yourself warm and dry too with the help of a water-resistant hoodie blanket!OHS Dog Hoodie Blanket  OHS Water Resistant Full Zip Changing Robe

Buy a New Blanket

Is your dog’s treasured blanket looking a little worse for wear? Grab them a fresh one as a base for their bed, pooches will naturally contort their bodies into the best position for sleep so all you need is to provide the surface.
OHS Bone Print Sherpa Pet Blanket  Brentfords Sherpa Soft Pet Blanket