As summer draws closer, it is essential to begin compiling your favourite must-have travel essentials. Do you have your next road-trip or sizzling summer holiday planned? This ultimate list of summer travel essentials and home accessories will be sure to keep you stress free, organised, and tanned up on your holiday travels. Ranging from our travel packing cubes and bag sets, or items such as our essential power banks and weighted eye masks, we’ve got your list of holiday and travel essentials covered to a tee.

1.   OHS Handy Holiday Holdalls

An obvious necessity for all holidaymakers, it is so important to invest in luggage holders which you can really rely on when weekend-tripping or travelling. Our Travel Packing Cube and Bag Sets will ensure you can kick back and finally relax. These sets are available in a 4, 6, or 10 piece so that you can easily pack away all your travel essentials. Store lighter items such as toiletries into the smaller pouches and heavier items such as shoes inside the biggest cases. Before setting off on your summer travels, don’t forget to pack comfortable shoes with good support, especially if you intend on doing a lot of walking. A must-have essential, these OHS luggage sets are durable and spacious enough for all your holiday belongings. Top tip – it is worth noting that each of these carry-on sets are perfectly sized to act as hand luggage.


2.   The Ultimate Travel Accessory

The OHS Weighted Eye Mask will make for the perfect travel companion this summer. A one size fits all, this mask will allow you to make the most of your destination holiday. Designed with non-toxic glass beads which act as a gentle pressure, the OHS Weighted Eye Mask will be sure to trigger a deep and calming sleep. An underrated holiday essential, be sure to include this item on your packing list as the ideal travel accessory to keep you restored and rested.

3.   A Perfect Beach Picnic

A humble contender, this Dreamscene Foldable Picnic Blanket in Stripe Print makes it a so-suitable choice to include on your travel packing list. Made for those holiday beach days, this picnic blanket features a water-resistant backing to protect from mildly wet sand. Plus, a foldable structure and handy travel strap makes this item easily transportable and storable. Available in both a grey check or navy stripe print and priced at only £7, this picnic blanket makes for a terrific travel accessory this summer.

4.   Travelling With Toiletries

Unsure how to pack up your favourite toiletries ahead of your summer trip? Everyone wants to feel good on their holidays, and the OHS Toiletries & Makeup Travel Bag is a great travel storage option for all of your essentials. Utilising four transparent compartments and pouches, this travel bag stores all your holiday essentials such as suncream away into one organised space. Smart tip - when selecting a suncream, look out for one with an SPF of 30 plus which you can reapply every few hours to stay on top of your summer tanning. The OHS travel bag also includes a handy hook so it can be stored to save space. House and hold your holy grails of the summer season when holidaying with this travel bag.

5.   The Power Pack Hack

In an increasingly digital world, it is essential that your devices stay juiced up and dependable all day long. After all, a flat batt won’t be of any use when boarding that next flight of yours. Never fear, we have the ultimate solution with the Hopscotch Power Bank. Priced at just £3, this cute travel essential will never let you down, and although it may be small, it really packs a punch with enough power to charge your mobile device twice over. Top tip – if you're travelling to a country with different electrical outlets, you'll need a travel adapter. This will allow you to re-charge all your electronic devices and most importantly your new power bank!

6.   Pillowing Perfection

Introducing the Brentford’s Beach Towel with Removable Pillow, an ideal summer travel buddy, especially when topping up that tan on your next relaxing beach getaway. Designed with a built-in pouch to place the removable pillow into, this towel will allow you to sunbathe in serenity and style - just don’t forget to pack your sun hat and sunnies! Priced at just £7, this beach towel has been expertly crafted with quick-drying fabric which will ensure you can stay dry when emerging out of those clear waters onto a sandy, white beach. A clear winner, the Brentford’s Beach Towel with Removable Pillow is a trendy travel essential.

7.   A Trusty Travel Bag

We’ve already discussed the importance of luggage which you can really rely on for quality and reliability, and this OHS Weekend Travel Bag lives up to all these expectations. Great for carrying your essentials, this weekend bag is ideal for travel, gym bag, camping, and overnight stays. This product is designed for easy airport transportation with a thick strap which allows the bag to slide and rest on the top of your travel suitcase. Selecting luggage which you can easily pack all of your summer travel essentials into will ensure that you can enjoy a safe and stress-free trip. For this reason, we think that the OHS Weekend Travel Bag has you perfectly covered all summer long.

8.   The Plush Poncho

Last on this summer travel checklist but certainly not least, this Brentfords Zip Towel poncho is a popular loungewear choice for all holidaymakers this summer. Available in the colours charcoal or navy, this poncho is designed with absorbent, quick-drying fabric to help you stay warm after swimming in the pool or sea. This poncho also offers complete privacy upon drying or changing which makes it a practical 2-in-1 solution when hitting up the beach on your next holiday. At just £8, the Brentfords poncho is a clear contender to pack away as part of your travel essential checklist.

Happy Holidaying!

Love from OHS X