There are some interior design styles that are harder to master than others, one of them being how to style a small studio apartment. A studio apartment requires both practical and creative thinking in order to make the most out of the compact space. But, living in a small studio apartment doesn’t mean that you can’t have a functional and beautiful home, instead, you just need to be imaginative with your design and decor choices.

Whilst figuring out how to style a small studio apartment, you will need to take a number of things into consideration, such as style choices, space-saving solutions and simple additions to make the space feel larger. Let’s take a look at some tips on how to style a small studio apartment.

A Guide On How To Style A Small Studio Apartment

Use Standout Elements

When you’re looking for inspiration on how to style a small studio apartment, you might be wary about adding large statement or standout pieces of furniture or accessories. But, there’s no reason why a smaller space can't benefit from the addition of bright pops of colour or bold accessories.

Think about investing in a statement piece of furniture, such as an armchair in bold velvet, or consider adding an eye-catching wall art display. These will help to add a focal point to the room, which is something that a smaller space can hugely benefit from.

Avoid Clutter and Overcrowding

One of the easiest ways how to style a small studio apartment space is to ensure that it is free from clutter. This might be easier said than done, after all, you’re likely working with very little free space in a studio apartment, but there are ways in which you can integrate storage space into your design and decor. Ottoman beds can double up to provide you with handy hidden storage space underneath, perfect for storing bedding, clothes or towels.

If you use shelving or bookcases to divide the spaces around your apartment, use these to store your home accessories, such as candles, ornaments, books or flowers. Why not consider adding a sideboard by your front door for some much-needed storage for things such as shoes, posts, umbrellas and winter accessories such as scarves and gloves?

Separate The Spaces

Studio apartments usually have the living room, bedroom and kitchen all within one room, which is why when looking for ideas and inspiration on how to style a small studio apartment, a lot of people struggle with how to style all three rooms at once.

By separating the different areas in your studio apartment, you help to break up the zones to suit the use, making decorating decisions much easier! You can separate the different areas using bookcases, light voile curtains or vintage space dividers. The more natural light you let into the space, then the more spacious your apartment will feel.

Create A Feature Space

Naturally, there will likely be a space within your apartment that you use the most, or to which you want to add more style too. If so, then use this area of your apartment as a feature space. For bedroom spaces, this could be with nice bedding, cushions and throws to stand out against plain decor. In the kitchen, why not consider adding some open shelving which can be used for storage but also to add fun and bright accessories such as crockery, plants, cookery books and statement storage jars?

In the living room, look to add comfort by styling windows with eyelet curtains, and adding plush cushions and scented candles to create the ultimate cosy space for relaxing in the evenings. In your entranceway, add a runner to protect your flooring from wet or muddy shoes, but also to add some extra style to an often forgotten area of the home. Surround the walls by your doorway with bright, fun prints to add a splash of colour to your day as you leave or enter your home.

If you’re looking for further inspiration on how to style a small studio apartment, read our Inspiration blog for style tips, decorating trends and must-have home pieces. For the latest homeware pieces, check out our New In section for new seasonal trends!