‘Tis the Season to be Snug!

Picture the scene: A little, red-breasted robin flutters its wings perched on the branch of a tree through the window, the snow silently falling to the pristine ground beneath. You watch, sitting in the warmth and comfort of your home, sipping a sweet hot chocolate, with the serene calm being disturbed only by the gentle crackle of the open fire. Sounds perfect right?

Well, we think so too. As the festive spirit fills the air, what better way to embrace the joy of Christmas than by transforming your home into a cosy haven with luxurious soft furnishings?


Starting from as little as £5, we have everything from Hoodie Blankets, Throws and Bedding to luxuriously soft Loungewear, plus much more. At OHS, we specialise in low prices and high quality, making our Christmas Category the perfect choice for setting your home up for success this year. So go on, unwrap the magic of huge savings on soft furnishings and discover great deals for you, your family, and your home this festive season!


Hoodie Blankets: Wrap in Ultimate Comfort!

Adorn yourself in everything from festive designs to snug sherpa textures and embrace stylish snuggles with our collection of versatile and oh-so-comfortable Hoodie Blankets – the perfect companion for the chilly nights and crisp morning of the winter season. 

Elevate your relaxation game this festive season: Shop Hoodie Blankets.


Throws: Cosy Layers for Every Décor…

Whether draped over the sofa or folded across the foot of the bed, our soft and stylish throws add a sprinkle of warmth and style to any room. Choose from a palette of season colours and festive designs in various textures – from fleece to waffle, there’s something for everyone and every room! Plus add a little fluffy flair with a cosy cushion or two. Don't miss out on our exclusive range of Christmas prints!

Spread the holiday cheer with our enchanting collection of Cushions & Throws.


Bedding: Yuletide Dreams Supreme

Dive into bed and into a winter wonderland with our vast selection of bedding treats. Whatever it is you’re after, be it; Duvet Sets, Fitted Sheets or Pillowcases – we’ve got you covered! Explore everything from Christmas-themed designs to Teddy textures and much more, we have the perfect bedding to help anyone sleep eazzZzZZzy…

Add festive flair to your bedroom and embrace a peaceful night’s sleep with must-have Bedding.


Weighted & Electric Blankets: Wrap in Serenity & Warmth

Embrace therapeutic calm this Christmas and add a sense of security when you discover the joy of relaxation and rejuvenation with our selection of weighted blankets.

Plus, imagine a bed pre-warmed to the perfect temperature, beckoning you to cosy up on the coldest of nights. Create a cocoon of comfort with speedy, customisable warmth and energy-efficient bliss with our collection of electric blankets.

Unfold the relaxing holiday magic of Weighted Blankets and the cosy warmth of Electric Blankets.


Kids Room: Create Magical Memories

One of the coolest, most exciting gifts I remember receiving as a child, was having my bedroom – my den – updated with a fresh look!

So, what are you waiting for?! Create a cosy space and upgrade your little ones’ bedroom into a playful paradise and ignite their imagination with our spectacular collection of whimsical Bedding, Curtains, and Accessories – including bean bags, storage tubs, rugs and much more…

Refresh your Kids Room and create magical moments with Character Shop essentials.


Online Ho-Ho-Home Shop!

Forget Santa! This holiday season, let Online Home Shop provide all you need to make your house a home, and create many a merry moment, providing you with affordable soft furnishings that will not only be the talk around the table (and turkey), but also the cornerstone of your festive celebrations!