Choosing new curtains for your home isn’t just about refreshing your window dressings, the right pair of curtains will also help you to control light distribution, noise and warmth in your home. But, the question we all ask is how do you measure curtains? Do you just hope for the best? Where do you need to measure? What about different curtain styles?

One of the most asked questions we get here at OHS is ‘how do you measure curtains?’ We sell many different types of curtains for your home. However, making sure your measurements are correct so that the curtains hang right on the rails in your home is fundamental to making your home as lovely as you want it to be!

So… how DO you measure curtains? This article will tell you everything you need to prepare before buying curtains here at OHS.

Top Tips: When looking at how to measure curtains, we recommend using a steel tape measure to get a more accurate measurement!

How Do You Measure Pencil Pleat Curtains?

Pencil pleat curtains are defined by their unique style, which looks like a line of pencils at the top. They are recognisable by the way they are threaded onto the pole, with string. To measure the width of pencil pleat curtains, take the full length of the curtain pole. To measure pencil pleat curtains on a track, measure the length you will need starting from the track on the pole. How do you measure curtains’ length though? For curtains on the pole, measure from the eye of the pole. Mark where you want your curtains to hang so you will know the required length.
Dreamscene Pencil Pleat Blackout Curtains

How Do You Measure Pinch Pleat Curtains?

Pinch pleat curtains can be recognised by their decorative header which they are fixed to the pole or track. To measure these curtains, you can use the same techniques used to measure pencil pleat curtains. One thing to keep in mind when you’re looking at how you measure curtains in this style is that pinch pleat curtains can be put up in many different lengths- above the sill, below the sill, and to the floor. This is down to your personal taste.

How Do You Measure Eyelet Curtains?

If you’re wondering how you measure curtains in an eyelet style, then you’ll be pleased to know that they are extremely versatile and can be worn to any length. As mentioned earlier, to measure the width of the eyelet curtains you need, simply measure the pole. This will allow you to know what measurements you need to buy so your curtains fit perfectly when they arrive.
Sienna Home Capri Velvet Eyelet Curtains

How Do You Measure Net Curtains?

This is where it gets a little tricky- to measure net curtains, you need to measure the inside of your window, and times it by 2 in order to get the best measurement for your net curtains.

One another thing we always get asked is - how do you measure curtains for a bay window? This can be tricky too- but make sure you measure the track in sections to get an accurate measurement.
Sienna Crushed Velvet Voile Curtains

So, to answer the question “how do you measure curtains?” it is very easy as long as you are patient and double-check to make sure the measurements are right. Still, looking for the right pair of curtains for your home? Browse our extensive curtain range here!