If you’re evenly vaguely familiar with our products, you’ll know that when it comes to blush pink decor, OHS are big fans! New items coming in? Oh yeah, we’re definitely making it in blush pink!

Blush pink is a naturally feminine colour, although it can be used in a gender-neutral way, and is known for making those amongst it feel safe, young and playful. However, homeowners are often fearful to use pink within their space in case it’s too overbearing or ends up looking childlike.

Should you be hesitant to incorporate the hue or not know how to style your existing blush decor, below are some blush pink decor ideas that will ensure you make the colour pop in your home.

Let’s discover OHS’
blush pink decor ideas

Consider the space

Since blush pink is considered as having a calming effect, it’s worth keeping this in mind when using blush pink decor around the home. Ask yourself, where do I want to feel the most at peace? Perhaps it’s the bathroom, with the addition of a few soft blush pink towels? or the bedroom with our super soft Seersucker Duvet Cover in blush pink in preparation for a good night’s sleep?

Another thing to keep in mind with blush pink decor is where your chosen space sits in relation to the sun. Within a north-facing room, blush pink decor adds warmth whereas, in a south-facing one, the hue can look cleaner and more refined from the brightness.


Opt for an accent

To really hone in on the calm vibes that you can benefit from when using blush pink decor, let the colour become your accent by having neutral colours as your backdrop. Whether this is in your kitchen, living room or bedroom, mixing blush pink with earthy tones will create a tranquil, spa-like space.

Highams Acrylic Stripe Chevron Fleece Throw  Highams Mohair Throw

Make a statement

Want to be more playful and bold with blush pink decor? Simply look at the colour wheel for inspiration! Green is opposite pink on the wheel and therefore it’s the shade’s complementary colour, making them a match made in heaven when used together. A deep green shade, in particular, would create a stunning contrast and an edgy, modern element to the room, or you could perhaps add some houseplants to complement your blush pink decor and add some natural texture to the room.

Sienna Waffle Weave Duvet Cover Set  Sienna Tufted Polka Dot Panel Duvet Set

Turn out some textures

A foolproof method to achieving a stylish look, if you’re worried about blush pink decor looking too immature, is to raise the stakes with textures. From a mohair throw to corduroy cushion covers, bring depth to the space by layering up different textures whilst adding further interest.

Brentfords Corduroy Cushion Covers  Dreamscene Tassel Cushion Covers

Inspiration for How To Style Blush Pink Decor

We know it can be quite overwhelming when it comes to decorating a room in your home so we hope these blush pink decor ideas can give you the inspiration you need to style our signature shade! For even more interior design tips, head to our blog.