In an effort to calm an uneasy mind and keep insomnia at bay, many rely on stimulating their sense of smell with relaxing scents for sleep. Whether you have the odd night of tossing and turning or you experience chronic sleep issues, aromatherapy can be a helpful aid when it comes to improving your sleep.

It is however not as easy as just picking one of the scents that help you sleep from the list below at random. It’s crucial to choose the right scent for you as some aromas have the ability to energise whilst at the same time can be soothing for others.

Let's find out more about the scents that help you sleep...


It’s no surprise that lavender is at the top of our list as it’s easily one of the most popular relaxing scents for sleep. There have been many studies conducted on the potential benefits of lavender and as an essential oil, it has been found to help with pain relief, keep insomnia at bay, increase sleep quality and even reduce anxiety.

To release a fresh lavender scent around your home, why not pick up some Starlytes lavender wax melts? You can use them with any standard wax burner and tealight, plus they’re made with high-quality soy wax that ensures a long burn time. Our favourite of the scents that help you sleep!

Starlytes Wax Melts


Next up for our scents that help you sleep is sandalwood with its rich, woody and earthy aroma. Few smells are as effective as sandalwood in promoting a good night’s sleep largely due to its supposed mood-balancing properties. Scientific research suggests sandalwood can have soothing effects, decrease wakefulness and increase amounts of non-REM sleep.

However, it’s worth noting that sandalwood has also been said to increase alertness, even when it’s simultaneously setting off physical relaxation. If this is the case for you, sandalwood might not be right for nighttime!

Both the luxury cashmere and amber musk Yankee candles that we offer feature the base note of sandalwood to help you drift off to the land of nod and are made with a natural wax blend for a clean burn.

Yankee Candle  Yankee Candle


The light, sugary fragrance of vanilla is another relaxing scent for sleep that will appeal most to those of you with a sweet tooth. Vanilla is said to have sedative effects on the body by diminishing hyperactivity and restlessness, lowering blood pressure and quieting the nervous system.

So, if you love the whiff of warm baked goods, you can recreate it, without the calories, and release relaxing scents for sleep by lighting one of our vanilla almond frosting Yankee candles. We’re obsessed with placing them in a glass jar for decorative effect…making them pleasing for more than one of the senses!

Yankee Candle


Like sandalwood, citrus scents can either be stimulating or aid sleep, depending on your response to the fragrance. However, lemon oil in particular has exhibited both anxiety and depression-relieving effects in research, making it the last on our list of scents that help you sleep.

Thus, should you not be energized by lemon, grab a 12 pack of the Chupa Chups lemon and lime wax melts to refresh your home and mind. Simply place them into a wax melt warmer to create a fragrant ambience and relaxing scents for sleep.

Chupa Chups Wax Melts

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