The past couple of years have certainly been interesting, but one positive that has come from the chaos is the opportunity for people to be spending more time at home with their loved ones. This, in turn, has left people being much more aware of what needs to be done in the home. Whether this is a lick of paint or a whole renovation, it can be difficult to know how to style a living room.

Many people would love to know how to style a living room, but this can be tricky to get right. One exciting feature of spring is all the new and exciting interior design trends ready to be used in your home. In 2022, there have already been some fantastic trends to consider and many more will be running throughout the year. When you design your new interior, you will obviously want it to be a way where you can still feel it is a home and has your own personal touch. In this blog post, we will go through some simple ways how to style a living room with bursts of colour and sleek designs.

How To Style a Living Room Like a Pro

Maximalist Prints and Colours

One of the boldest methods on how to style a living room is by allowing your inner diva to let loose. Whether you like bold colours or not, there is always some sort of maximalist design that can suit your lifestyle. This doesn't mean the whole room has to be maximalist, but adding some bright colour and pattern with some cushions and throws to a minimalist room will give it some extra life. It is a great way to add some colour and personality if you’re wondering how to style a living room.

A stylish way to do this is to look at purchasing some colourful pillows or a bold table lamp that stands out. Maximalist prints and colours are a great consideration when deciding how to style a living room. Take a look at our range of cushions and throws if you’re looking for inspiration on how to style a living room!
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Lots of Natural Materials

Natural materials have been a huge trend for many years, and it isn't one that looks like it’s set to fade anytime soon! Knowing how to style a living room can be difficult, but having some great quality natural material features in your living room can instantly make the space look more sophisticated and cosy. When we say natural materials, this can be many things other than wood. You could choose stone, marble or even coloured woods that match your interior design colours.

Due to environmental responsibility becoming a more important topic for many, it’s predicted that this trend will become increasingly popular in the years to come. If you are needing some simple inspiration on how to style a living room, it is best to stick to the more natural materials.

Black Accents

When it comes to black or monochrome decor, making the right choices can be daunting. But, knowing how to style a living room with black accents is actually really easy and extremely effective. It has been an eclectic trend for a few years and it is easy to see why - it just looks fantastic! Having light coloured walls in colours such as white or a very light grey will make the black accents really pop and create an edge for everything else to follow.

This is a really popular trend to be choosing when considering how to style a living room Incorporating complementing accessories into the room, such as a statement black mirror, black doors and frames or a black rug, will make the whole room look sophisticated and stylish.

We have a great selection of rugs to choose from to accent your decor. The black accent trend is a great trend to use when you are considering how to style a living room when you have a statement in mind. For soft furnishings, check out our collection of curtains to match your space.
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More Houseplants

With more people working from home, it is natural to want a little more life in the home and it isn't difficult to understand how to style a living room with houseplants. It is a really effective method to bring colour and nature into an otherwise minimal room and can even come with its own health benefits.

When you are considering how to style a living room with plants, think about the types of plants and flowers that you like and that will match your interior design. Succulents are great for people who lead busy lifestyles as they don’t require too much care, whilst other plants that look great indoors are those such as Yucca plants.

Then, you can decide on the best placements for these plants - perhaps you want a statement feature with a large plant by a doorway, or want to add one or two smaller plants, such as a snake plant or peace lily, to shelves for added colour and texture to your decor. This is a really simple method on how to style a living room, so give it a try today!

It can be difficult at first to decide how to style a living room, but once you have an idea of the things that you like, it becomes much easier. By allowing natural materials, plants, patterns and black accents,  this will make a beautifully eclectic living room that your friends and family will love. Browse our Homeware range today for those finishing touches if you’re looking for how to style a living room.