A beach trip can make for the perfect day out, but it’s important to be prepared. Bearing this in mind, we’ve compiled a selection of our favourite beach day tips. Ranging from the best beach wear which will keep you dressed to dry off from the sea, or to our new cooling blankets which will help you soak up the sun in style – we’ve got you covered this summer!

What Should You Pack?

When heading off to the beach, it is important to pack up your beach day essentials to ensure that you can have a fun filled day out. Although the sun seems harmless, its rays can be very powerful. This is why we recommend packing a sun cream with a high SPF which can be applied every few hours to avoid burnt skin. Afterall, nothing ruins a family beach trip quite like itching, prickly skin. To compliment the suncream, we also recommend packing a beach umbrella to offer extra protection and shade from any harmful UV. When tanning, pack up a soft beach towel with a pretty print so that you can sunbathe in sophistication. Here at OHS, we have designed a fun selection of prints such as our Dreamscene Cocktail Print Beach Towel - perfect for sipping in style with a Strawberry Daiquiri or two! You could also opt for our Sienna Tassel Beach Towel Bag, available in a perfect palette of pastels, this 2-in-1 trendy towel can be easily carried and stored away for ultimate convenience.

How To Stay Cool At The Beach

When taking a beach visit, it is a good idea to prepare for the hot summer weather by checking the forecast and packing accordingly. To stay hydrated, bring lots of essential fluids such as water which you can ensure that you sip regularly throughout the day. A reusable water bottle will be perfect for this as you can refill it throughout the day. Top tip – if you really want to prepare for the warm weather by staying as chilled as possible on your beach trip, we recommend our OHS cooling blankets. Available in both human and pet size, these blankets will protect you and your beloved pooch from any excess heat. Safety tip – be sure to check that the beach weather conditions are suitable for any furry friends, who often struggle much more with regulating their body temperatures. Using cooling accessories such as air fans is also a good idea during hot weather.

The beach can be a great place to soak up the sun, swim in the ocean, and enjoy time with loved ones. Following on from the hydration tips, we really recommend that you include a cooling bag as part of your beach trip essentials to store your favourite refrigerated food in – this will keep your snacks fresh, and your family fuelled up all day long. You can always rely on the newly in OHS Cooling Picnic Bag as your newest, coolest, food-storing companion. This tip is an especially great idea if you have any picky little ones in the family, plus it saves money and time on food and drinks – win win! You can also prepare for the sandy beach terrain by adding a picnic blanket such as our OHS Foldable Picnic Blanket to your beach day checklist. This will act as a comfy surface to eat your lunch on and will also keep your snacks sand-free. Serious side note – as much as we all love seaside, it’s important to respect the beach environment and keep it clean for future visitors, so leave no trace of trash and clean up after yourself.

The Best Beach Activities

Let’s talk about beach activities! The sea is the perfect place to take a dip, try out snorkelling, or even take on some surfing. A good swimsuit will come in really handy here for obvious reasons. Safety tip - if you are planning on going into the water, be sure to check the sea conditions for any riptides or strong currents. When deciding to sit and dry off, we recommend treating yourself to one of our towel ponchos. Designed with convenience in mind, this product is a popular beach essential with all holidaymakers this summer. Available in kids and adult sizes, these ponchos are designed made with absorbent, quick-drying fabric to help you stay warm after playing in the sea. They also offer complete privacy upon drying or changing which makes them a practical 2-in-1 solution when hitting up the beach.

For any on-land beach activities such as card or board games, you can always try out our Brentford's Beach Blanket Mat. This mat is water resistant and includes a sand-proof backing to protect against any gritty, uncomfortable specs of sand. Sidenote – if you have young children, we suggest packing up some toys which you can then scatter out on the mat for them to choose from. This will keep your youngsters occupied for hours. Be sure to bring a family camera so that you can capture all these amazing beach memories.

By following these beach day tricks and tips, we are sure that your next summer beach trip will be fun filled, stress free, and unforgettable in true OHS style! x