It’s almost Valentine’s Day 2023. Despite not being limited due to the pandemic anymore, here at OHS, we believe staying in is the new going out. And, with the cost of living crisis ongoing, we’re never going to turn down an opportunity to save money on top of avoiding all the usual stresses.

The go-to at-home Valentine’s Day idea would probably be a cuddle on the sofa whilst watching a film on Netflix or ordering your favourite takeaway. Although a great idea, we’re guessing that you’ve done that a million times already this past year. So, why not try something a little different this year? Keep scrolling for our dreamy at-home Valentine’s Day ideas.

Let’s Explore Some Dreamy At-Home Valentine’s Day Ideas

A Candlelit Homemade Dinner

First up on our roundup of at-home Valentine’s Day ideas is to cook and eat a romantic dinner together…the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach after all! Either cook together as a fun activity or treat your partner by letting them sit back and relax whilst you do all the work. Set the table, light some candles and avoid the takeaway menu at all costs.

If you want to replicate their favourite meal at home to restaurant standard, consider opting for an at-home meal kit which saw a rise in 2020.
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Spa at Home

Next up for our Valentine’s Day dates ideas is creating a spa at home. Instead of splashing out on a fancy spa, enjoy the intimacy and privacy of a spa day at home. Think relaxing bubble baths, massages, face masks and of course, fluffy dressing gowns!

Get on a pre-made peaceful playlist and light some candles to really achieve that spa-like ambience. No spa day is complete without a bottle of prosecco either and that’ll certainly be much cheaper doing this at-home Valentine’s Day idea than going elsewhere.
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Cocktail O’Clock

Does your loved one prefer a fruity cocktail over a glass of prosecco? As a Valentine’s Day date idea, we suggest creating a selection of cocktails to enjoy in the comfort of your own home with the help of recipes online or pre-made mixes that just need chilling and garnishing.

To go the extra mile, try thinking of some cute new names for the cocktails specific to you and your partner then pop them on a menu to print out.

Indoor Picnic

We can safely assume the UK weather will be cold on the 14th so, let’s be honest, no one is going anywhere outside for a Valentine’s Day date idea. Fashion a romantic picnic inside with a giant blanket to lounge about on, lots of greenery and a few pillows for comfort.

Finally, can you call it an indoor picnic if a cheese board isn’t involved? We don’t think so. Presented it on our Sass & Belle heart-shaped wood board to scream romance from the rooftops, this at-home Valentine’s Day idea is really grate - brie-lieve us!
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