It's officially March aka national bed month! This annual campaign was organised by The Sleep Council with the aim of reminding us all of the importance of a good night’s sleep and urging people everywhere to improve sleep quality.

So, what better time is there to give your bed an examination and make sure it’s still providing the utmost comfort? You won’t need to haul your bed to the local garage for a test though, you can simply answer the questions below and if any apply - take action!

Let’s find out more about how to
improve sleep quality


Are you realising this National Bed Month that you often have neck and shoulder pain? You’ve more than likely got the wrong pillows for the type of sleeper you are.

Are you a side or back sleeper? You’re in luck! We offer medium support pillows that will provide support for your head, bridge the gap between your neck and shoulders, and help to keep your spine aligned.

Do your pillows smell unpleasant? We’re sorry to break it to you but they’ve got to go to improve sleep quality! Unfortunately, this is unavoidable when it comes to pillows as there’s a build-up over time of body oils, skin and hair.

Is your pillow flat enough to fold? To check this, simply fold it in half and pop a (clean) shoe on top...if it doesn’t spring back, it’s time for an upgrade to some new springy Brentfords ones for improved sleep quality.
OHS Soft Touch Anti Allergy Pillows


Are you feeling cold at night? To stop shivering under the sheets, try switching your duvet out for one with a higher tog this National Bed Month. The higher the tog, the cosier you’ll be, and consequently improved sleep quality. Here at OHS, we offer our OHS Soft Touch duvets which are available 4.5, 10.5 and 13.5 tog!

Does your duvet feel limp? Has the filling started to come through the casing? The Sleep Council suggest that duvets should last 5+ years whilst those with a high-quality filling should last over twice that. Our duvets are fully machine washable so you can keep them fresh for longer!
OHS Coverless 10.5 Duvet With Pillowcase  OHS Soft Touch Duvet


Is your bedding piling? Are your sheets feeling generally worn? Have they got stains that won't budge?

If you answered yes to any of the above, treat yourself to improved sleep quality with our affordable Highams cotton collection. Cotton is the most ideal fabric for those who tend to overheat during the night as it has a breathable quality. Despite cotton being known to absorb spills, this bed linen is easy to care for due to being machine washable.

Do you still feel cold at night after increasing your duvet’s tog? Why not make your sanctuary more sumptuous by picking up a set from our fleece bedding range? The best-selling teddy fleece bed sets are made from super soft touch polyester, making them comfortable and durable with added warmth!
Highams 100% Cotton Duvet Set  Highams 100% Cotton Fitted Sheet