Whether you’re a fresher or a returning student, it’s essential that you take the time to decorate your uni room and make it feel like home. There are so many uni decor ideas that you can do on a budget to showcase your personality and ensure practicality!

Not sure where to start? Look no further if you want to find out 10 uni room decor ideas to transform your uni room from a bland, bare box into your very own stylish space, with the help of soft furnishings and accessories!

Easy & Affordable Uni Room Decor Ideas

1. Decorate Your Walls Damage-Free

Want to spice up your walls without losing your deposit? Wall decals are the ideal uni decor idea for a quick fix without having to spend too much. You can either make a pattern or just dot them around in places you think you could do with some extra help!

2. Go Big With Your Bed

Your bed eats up a tonne of floor space so topping it off with the right bedding can form a contemporary centrepiece. Bed covers are a great uni room decor idea for introducing colour and cool patterns to your room.

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3. Change Up Your Chair

Do you usually keep throws, cushions and rugs on your bed or the floor? Think again! These soft furnishing items can be used to cover up and add comfort to the inevitably boring desk chair you’ll be given, making them essential uni room decor.

An array of throw cushions is extra handy if you always have friends pop into your room who need something to sit on!
Highams Boucle Tassel Throw

4. Roll Out A Rug (Or Two)

When it comes to decorating your uni room, more often than not, you’ll want to transform as much of it as you can.

Believe it or not, one of the simplest uni room decor ideas is to transform your room with a textured trendy rug. Not only can it add some much-needed colour and style to the space, but it can make the room feel warmer during the winter months.
Sienna Faux Fur Rug

5. Magnify Your Space With Mirrors

Is your room feeling a little stuffy and claustrophobic? Try to maximise the space with mirrors, creating the illusion of a lighter larger space.

Remember to check your rental agreement before hanging uni room decor on your wall. You can always opt for a free-standing, leaning, or over-the-door mirror instead!
Sass & Belle Gold Bee Mirror & Jewellery Hanger

 6. Liven Up The Place With Lights

You saw this one coming from a mile off, didn’t you? Well, it is a given, additional lighting is a must-have in terms of uni room decor.

The classic go-to is fairy lights, and it’s no surprise why! They’re relatively inexpensive and can be added around your room to make it feel cosier, especially during the winter. Whether you wrap them around your bed to create a reading corner or around your desk for those late-night writing sessions, fairy lights are the ultimate must-have when it comes to uni room decor!
Glow Dream Neon Light

7. Style Your Shelving

Uni rooms often come with shelving and although it may seem logical to fill the space with the strictly important stuff, like books, they can be both practical and decorative.

Plus, you can always switch the styling of your shelves up if you get bored. It’s a simple way to freshen up your uni room decor without spending any more money.
Sass & Belle Glass Bud Vases

8. Pimp Out Your Pad With Plants

Artificial plants can bring life to even the drabbest of rooms so why not get some to complete your sanctuary?

They will look vibrant all year round, require zero care, and can sometimes look remarkably real. A fab uni decor idea if we do say so ourselves!

9. Diffuse The Smell Of Your Digs

Making your uni room smell nice can go a long way in creating an inviting environment and although you may not be allowed candles, that doesn’t mean there aren’t alternatives!

Should this be the case, grab yourself a reed diffuser instead! They also generally serve as a pretty uni room decor too despite not providing any light.
Yankee Candle Elevation Medium Jar

10. Stock Up On Storage Solutions

If you don’t have the luxury of space in your room, you’ll want to make the most of what you have with storage solutions that also act as uni room decor.

You’re almost guaranteed to have some space underneath your bed and above your wardrobe so be sure to choose storage that allows for easy access to your essentials.
Sass & Belle Bee Storage Basket

If you’re looking for further uni room decor inspiration, read our blog for style tips, decorating trends and must-have home pieces.