Designing your baby’s bedroom is one of the most exciting parts of preparing for their arrival. Still, it’s easy to lack inspiration when you’re only faced with gender-typical colour options. Whether you know the gender of your baby or are keeping it a surprise, creating a gender-neutral bedroom for your little one is a great way to keep the design fresh and choose a more modern approach to the decor, especially as they grow.

When it comes to gender-neutral bedrooms for babies, you may need to apply a bit more consideration as the room needs to be a place for your little one to sleep, play and grow for a few years. From modern monochrome to light and neutral decor, let’s take a look at some gender-neutral bedroom ideas!

Light and Neutral

If you want to create a calming and light gender-neutral bedroom, aim to keep things bright and crisp to create a fresh-looking nursery. White walls are as easy a starting point as you can get when it comes to gender-neutral bedrooms for little ones and can be easily accentuated with splashes of colour. To start with, choose white furnishings, such as blinds, curtains and rugs and accentuate these with natural wood furniture, wicker accessories and soft coloured artwork in your chosen feature colour to create a beautiful gender-neutral bedroom.
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Storage Solutions

You might not think it, but you will need plenty of storage when your baby arrives. From clothes and muslins to nappies and toiletries, babies may be small but they sure do need a lot of things! When creating a gender-neutral bedroom, try to incorporate storage solutions as part of your design.

For example, you can choose cots and cribs that have drawers and shelving underneath, or the simple addition of some storage baskets around the room next to the most frequented areas in the room, such as a feeding chair or the changing table, can provide some handy and much-needed storage. No matter the colour scheme you choose for your gender-neutral bedroom, there are plenty of colour options and designs you can choose from to accentuate your decor choices!
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Monochrome Palette

When you’re preparing for the arrival of your baby and have managed to avoid the temptation of finding out the gender of your baby, you might be looking for a colour scheme for a gender-neutral bedroom which is something a little different and interesting.

Monochrome is one of the more popular colour palettes for gender-neutral bedrooms as, with the use of paint, prints and accessories, it’s easy to create a gender-neutral bedroom that your baby will love from being a newborn. From bold stripes to contrasting spots, there are many different designs and patterns you can incorporate into the room, and there is a wide range of accessories and furniture you can choose from. You can adapt the style of this gender-neutral bedroom idea as your baby grows, all whilst keeping the monochrome theme in mind.
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Controlled Natural Light

Soft furnishings are one of the easiest ways you can add colour and functionality to your bedroom and when creating a gender-neutral bedroom for your newborn, the addition of curtains and blinds can help more than you may think. Curtains and blinds help regulate the temperature in a room, both during the summer and winter, which is hugely important for newborns and small children as they can struggle to regulate their body temperature. Curtains and blinds can block out direct sunlight to keep the room cool, but they can also help to keep warmth in during the winter months.

As well as temperature, being able to control the amount of light coming into your baby’s room can help with their sleeping schedule. Whether it’s still light when they’re going to sleep in the evening, or you need to gently rouse them from an afternoon nap, our range of curtains add the perfect finishing touch to your baby’s room. With a range of designs, colours and materials, you’re sure to find the right option for adding to your baby’s gender-neutral bedroom decor!
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Include Some Of Your Favourite Decor Choices

In those early newborn days, you’ll likely be spending a lot of time in your baby’s room, too. So, when you’re looking at gender-neutral bedroom ideas for your baby’s room, why not include a few of your influences in the decor? If you have fond memories of books from your childhood, add some bookshelves to the room and fill them with these stories, ready to create even more memories as your little one grows.

If you know you’ll be doing those late-night and early morning feeds in your baby’s room, consider adding a comfy chair to sit in and relax. Or, another way to add some colour or pattern to the gender-neutral bedroom design is through the use of colourful bunting and artwork on the walls.

Looking For More Inspiration For A Gender Neutral Bedroom?

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