If you have friends or family staying with you, then you obviously want to ensure that you can make them feel as comfortable as possible, but many people are left wondering just how to make a guest room inviting once guests are confirmed to stay. It’s hard to judge when it’s your own home, but there’s always something satisfying about creating a space within your home that can feel like a real getaway for staying guests.

For those wondering how to make a guest room more inviting, the key is to think of relaxation and luxury. Think about when you stay in a nice hotel - what makes it nice? Is it the plush bed, or perhaps the super-soft towels? Maybe it's a relaxing aroma that has been used, or maybe the decor? Whilst you might not have the budget to replicate a 5* hotel room when looking at how to make a guest room inviting, you can take inspiration from your favourite parts and use them in your own guest room! With that in mind, let's take a look at how to make a guest room inviting in our latest OHS blog!

Top Tips On How To Make A Guest Room Inviting

Ensure The Bed Is Comfortable

For those looking for how to make a guest room inviting, one of the first places to start is with the bed. Guests don’t want to sleep on an old mattress that has seen better days! If a new mattress isn’t in your budget, there are alternatives available such as plush mattress toppers and even air mattresses which are just as, if not more, comfortable than a new mattress at a more affordable price. A comfortable bed is one of the most important things to consider when looking at how to make a guest room inviting and comfortable!

Create A Neutral Room

When it comes to how to make a guest room inviting, one of the biggest mistakes that people make is by using their own decor preferences in a room where they are likely never to stay. When it comes to decorating a guest room, it’s important to keep the room as neutral and free from your personal decor preferences as possible.

If you love bright, bold colours and have used them throughout the rest of your home, including them in your guest bedroom decor could be overwhelming for staying guests. Instead, choose light, neutral colours to make the space feel open and airy, especially if you’re looking for ways how to make a guest room inviting, more so if the room is small or lacks natural light.

When you’re looking at how to make a guest room inviting and it comes to accessories, choose fresh flowers and greenery, neutral ornaments and plain bedding and soft furnishings to give the space a classic and relaxing feel. Our collection of 100% cotton bedding is perfect for replicating that classic hotel feel!

Clear Room For Storage

If your guests are staying with you for an extended break, then the chances are that they will have clothing and luggage which will need storing. Most people, when welcoming guests into their home, forget that when looking into how to make a guest room inviting storage is a key element.

If your guests arrive and there is nowhere for them to hang their clothes up or space for them to unpack and store their suitcases, then this isn’t a very welcoming experience and your effort of how to make a guest room inviting may go unnoticed! Instead, creating space for your guests to store their belongings is a must and can be done with some clever wardrobe organisation ideas. If you’re looking for cheap home storage solutions, take a look at our collection of baskets and shoe storage here.

Finishing Touches

Now we know more about how to make a guest room inviting, it’s time for those little added extras to really make your guests feel welcome. It’s unlikely that your guests will bring their own towels when staying in your home, so you’ll need to provide them! Use big, soft towels for guests to use when showering, and don’t forget to provide hand towels and face cloths, too.

An hour or so before your guests arrive, consider lighting a scented candle in their room so that, when they arrive, the room not only smells great but is welcoming and relaxing, too. Candles are a great addition when you’re looking at how to make a guest room inviting!

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There you have it - your guest room is now ready for friends and family! We hope this guide on how to make a guest room inviting was helpful and, if you’re looking for more guides, ideas and inspiration, check out our Home Edit blog!